A nicely-balanced apartment where modern and traditional features work together

Located in Linnaeus, this apartment is one of those elegant homes that have been renovated but that also have some of their original charm. This type of renovations doesn’t change the décor completely. It’s only meant to update it while preserving the apartment’s original charm as well as some of the more traditional elements.

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Even though the apartment has a limited floor space, it doesn’t look that small. It’s a common feature for Nordic-style spaces and it’s mostly due to the interior design and décor. As expected, the color palette includes many bright and light shades but, in this case, we also have strong contrasts. For example, the living room has a wallpapered accent wall that features dark shades of brown with beige touches. In a way, these are the same colors used throughout the apartment but in different quantities. The living room also has a very beautiful chandelier with a simple but chic design.

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The living area opens onto a balcony via a smoky turquoise door that has become an accent detail. All the other rooms share the same type of décor. The bedroom, for example has beige wall featuring a very pale shade, just enough to give the room some extra warmth. The bedroom is accessorized with a combination of white and dark furniture that create a nice contrast. The kitchen and the dining area have an interesting décor. The black tiles and the wooden furniture go well together. Black tiles have also been used in the bathroom, where they contrast with the white fixtures and amenities.