A New York loft where work and entertainment meet in a stylish, contemporary design

Located in New York City, USA, this beautiful loft apartment belongs to a European gentleman who wanted a pied-a-terre in that area. The apartment becomes his home only during the fall. He asked New York-based design studio Inc Architecture and Design for help with the interior. It’s how the apartment became the Laight Loft project.The client wanted this loft to be a place for both work and entertainment.

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Transforming the apartment was challenging but quite easy, given the fact that the client didn’t have any extraordinary, specific requests. Completed in 2006, the transformation cost $2,200,000. It now has a contemporary interior and, as the client, requested, it combines work spaces with entertainment areas. Its owner can now spend his fall here enjoying time with friends and family and taking care of business, all in the same place.

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The loft was organized according to functions. It has a private suite, an entertainment area and two guest bedrooms. This means that, even though all these functions can be found in the same apartment, they are cleverly divided and separated. The transition between these spaces is quite interesting and certain objects can be looked at from different perspectives, depending on where you’re standing.

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The materials used for the project include limestone, mahogany, gold leaf, white marble, bronze and stainless steel. Combined, they create a contemporary décor. The furniture includes antiques collected from throughout the world. Bold and colorful artwork creates interesting focal points in the rooms while also bringing color into the mix.