A conversation with Carde Reimerdes Who Loves Turquoise

After few weeks of break we come again with an interview with a German designer called Carde Reimerdes.Carde loves to travel to find new design ideas for clients and her.Love to create unique walls because is specialized in all types of wallfinishes, later in feng-shui and interior design and ecological lifestyle.

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Q:Were you always interested in design? Tell us about the moment when you decided this is the way to go.

Always… as a little girl I changed the colour of my room as often as my mother allowed it.

Q:Where do you find your inspiration?

In nature,.. in travelling .. in the simple things of life that makes us feel comfortable.

Q:How long ago did you start your business?

20 years ago.

Beachhouse 022

Beachhouse 022

Q:Can describe a bit your first interior design project ?

After an accident I started painting and only two years later I had the challenge to paint murals up to 100m2 in a 5 star hotel.I specialized in all types of wallfinishes, later in feng-shui and interior design and ecological lifestyle.

Q:What kind of people ask for your help?

Open minded, worldwide travelling people who know how to enjoy life and appreciate a natural upscale lifestyle.

Beachhouse 022

Beachhouse 022

Q:What is your favourite book/magazine on design? How about your favourite site?

Cote sud,  french interior magazine –   elle decoration.

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Q:What is your grandious project and what is the time allocated to a project?

Each of them are.. when I have the possiblilty to create special spaces where people meet and good energies are shared… New built houses 12-18 months, when I also consult the entire structure of the building.

Q:What advice do you have for young designers or architects reading this interview?

Be open to feel what your clients need… be passionate – follow your heart,  than good design follows by its own…

Q:What is your favorite thing at home that you didn’t design?

My seaview…

Beachhouse 022

Beachhouse 022

Q:What was the best design advice anyone gave you?

Everything about substainable living..

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Beachhouse 022

Q:What do you recommend for next year?

To connect and respect nature and lifestyle –  good design has not to represent,authentic architecture and interior design  is real life quality…

Q:What do you think of our site?

It is wonderful! thanks alot to let me be part of it,   carde*.

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