A Contemporary Farm Building in Dublin

Calling this collection of structures a farm building wouldn’t really be fair because of the contemporary architecture. It elevates the building to a whole new level. Located in Dublin, Ireland, this property dates back to the 18th century when, of course, it looked very differently. It was transformed little by little until it became the modern residence is it today. Recently it got a new wing.

18th Century farm

The new addition is a single-story structure that replaces the old stone crumbling wall that used to occupy this area. It features an open plan with the kitchen and dining area included in the design. On the other side of the building there’s a more private zone that includes the en-suite master bedroom.

18th Century farm1

18th Century farm2

18th Century farm3

18th Century farm4

18th Century farm5

18th Century farm6

18th Century farm7

In addition to building this new wing, the team from ODOS architects also restored the rest of the house. The bedrooms, the studio and the garage got a fresh new look. By adding this new wing, the owners and the architects managed to complete the courtyard and to finalize the complex project.

18th Century farm8

18th Century farm9

18th Century farm10

18th Century farm11

18th Century farm12

18th Century farm13

The new wing was built with expansive windows just like the rest of the buildings. This way a strong connection is established with the courtyard. The exterior of the structure features oiled cedar cladding, a detail meant to visually connect it with the rest of the structures on the property for continuity. As for the rest of the design, it’s minimalist and modern and a very nice detail is the way the wing seems to be floating because it was raised off the ground.