A brigt interior design by architect Marcos Samaniego

The large windows distribution fills the house with natural light.Natural light is the distinctive sign of this house built on A Coruña (Spain). The design includes large windows in order to make the most of the brigtness of this area.

Built on a plot only nine meters wide, a three-storey house built with large windos that spread natural light all around the rooms. The commitment to create a bright interior design is reflected in a skylight which cross the house perpendicularly, from the top floor to the living romm, found on the grand floor, developing a geometric play of light and shades.

Inside, the sequence of open spaces avoids corridors, maximizing the flow of movement around the rooms, all built with terraces. Having only one flight of stairs, improves the movement between each floor.

The “chiaroscuro” desgined by architect Marcos Samaniego, from Mas Arquitectura studio, is reflected in the stark contrast between the pure white walls and the black colour we can find on the floor, curtains and carpentry. The house´s bright atmosphere is an oasis for its tenants.

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