23 Lofts Featuring Industrial Touches That Gives A Sophisticated Edge

Each style is unique and different and it’s difficult to compare them. However, the industrial style is like none other and it stands out in a very obvious way. An industrial-style loft or apartment will always be unique even if it features only elements typical to all similar spaces. Usually, an industrial home takes this style from the original state of the building.

Loft interior design
A modern loft with industrial accent features throughout

Sometimes people choose to convert warehouses into private homes but there are also cases when someone really feels a connection with this particular style and chooses to transform their home according to the main defining features.

Garage doors
Contemporary open space living area featuring a combination of modern and industrial
Loft featuring brick wall
Eclectic living room with brick walls and concrete floors
Reclaimed wood floor loft
A very nice and warm dining room featuring wooden flooring and wooden beams
Industrial loft concrete
Industrial loft with high ceilings and modern touches
Living room industrialstyle1
A traditional family room with a few industrial accents throughout
Round steel staircase
A nice combination of metal, wood and brick surfaces in this living room
Steel kitchen island
A contemporary living room with a simple interior design and subtle industrial accents
Modern dining chairs loft
Another chic combination of modern and industrial in an open space living room
Indsutrail kitchen stool
An eclectic kitchen with visible industrial elements and a cohesive décor
Upstairs bedroom1
Industrial charm also incorporated in this chic contemporary hall
Warehouse ladder library
The lack of dividing walls between the rooms create a very open feel
Industrial modern mix
To soften the décor, warm wood was used on the ceiling and floor
Warehouse loft 3
A two-level space with a double-height living area connecting them
Green loft painted
A nicely balanced contrast of cold and warm elements create a harmonious decor
Metal spiral stair loft
The exposed brick walls give the space a rustic feel while also maintaining an industrial look
Less light loft
Here, the dark stain on the wood adds class to the vintage-inspired space
Mormer mill loft1
The harsh lines of the loft are softened by the rounded shapes of the furniture
Open space loft
The color palette gives the space elegance and makes it more inviting
Loft stairs design
A very ingenious way of taking advantage of the high ceilings in a loft
Narrow loft
Contemporary kitchen can easily accommodate industrial-style elements
Industrial floor
The metal beams and staircase replace the usual wooden features in a home
Loft design
The staircase plays a very important role in defining the style of a space

The examples we have chosen present a series of 12 industrial lofts. They feature elements such as exposed beams, wires and conducts as well as an overall rough look. There are no sophisticated finishes but there’s still always a nice balance of materials and textures that make these spaces feel warm and inviting, like a typical home. Sometimes an eclectic interior design is chosen for a better balance and a more harmonious atmosphere.

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