What is the best vintage look for a house?

A vintage look for a house can be from any era. Whether you choose a setting right out of 1940’s or 1970’s; with a few simple ideas you can achieve a wonderful decor. Try thrift shops and old garage sales for classic furniture pieces. Add a few vintage elements to all rooms to get the soft, warm, historic touch to your decor. This is the easiest style of decorating a home on a budget, so get creative.

If you are looking for a Vintage Look for your home, you can follow some simple tips to add strategic pieces to home to remind you of those simpler times. A few changes can make a huge impact when it comes to vintage decor. You will be surprised with how easily you can create a living room right out of the 1940’s by re-using old furniture you had stored in the attic. Check out yard sales, thrift shops and your grandmother’s old house for simple things that you can easily add to your existing decor. The warmth and nostalgia attached to vintage decor makes it one of the most successful and welcoming settings to have in your home.

Living room –

This is the easiest place to start with. All vintage furniture has one thing in common – floral upholstery. You can either upholster your old furniture with new cloth, or can use save money by keeping your neutral colour sofa and adding some floral patterned cushions on it. The more the cushions, the warmer and more retro the room looks. To give a more authentic feel, add a solid wood coffee table in a deep wood colour, like mahogany. You can even choose ones which have small drawers at the base to store knick knacks. These look very authentic and lend vintage warmth to the decor instantly. This kind of scheme works very well with slightly larger living rooms and you can easily mix and match different furniture pieces to create a very vintage looking sitting area. Adding rugs in warm tones, beautiful stained glass paintings and other vintage art pieces can further give your room a more vintage feel to it. Add a mantelpiece or fireplace if it fits your budget.

Kitchen –

If you have the budget, there is nothing more warm and cosy than a country style kitchen. The solid wood shutters, the wicker baskets and a country style breakfast table can make any kitchen look more welcoming. However, if you just want to add a few elements from the vintage style, you can easily incorporate the style without too many changes. Add floral curtains to windows. Get out a few wicker baskets or buy them from your local store. Use these to store your onions and potatoes. If you have a breakfast nook, put floral cushions on the chairs. Sew a patchwork tablecloth with vintage style handkerchiefs and add a warm glow to your kitchen. Adding tones like yellow and orange, using glass jars to store your spices and displaying vintage style kitchen tools will complete the look. You can hang your wooden spoons and grates over the cooking range for a more authentic look.

Bedroom –

This is the easiest place add vintage style. Get a four poster bed, finished in solid wood. Oak and mahogany are great options. Add a sheer canopy to add a more authentic feel and make sure you use white sheets and pillow covers. Add a warm quilt to the bed, finished in patchwork or a more elegant design. Do add a bureau or dresser to the room and decorate it with embroidered doilies.

For any house, the best vintage look is one that can be easily achieved. It depends on the budget and the space available. Many people have easy access to their grandparent’s house and they can pick certain authentic patchwork handkerchiefs, doilies, vintage posters and artworks from there. Use these strategically to create a more vintage look for your home. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on branded vintage furniture, go green and buy second hand furniture which you can refurbish to look great.

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