What are the options for having a sound proof home?

It is often very difficult to get a breather from the almost nerve-wrecking clamour of big cities. After a long and tiring day, all you want to do is sit in a relaxed corner and unwind quietly. Unfortunately the rising level of noise pollution around seldom allows us that luxury. Soundproofing your home gives you the advantage of enjoying the peace and quiet of a secluded getaway right inside the four walls of your home.

If you live in the city, you must have wondered about a hundred times why you never took sound proofing more seriously when you moved in to your house. With stressful routines and late nights at work, we all love our peaceful sleep. And a loud car honking outside the window or the next door neighbours having a huge party in the middle of the week can be quite annoying. While you can’t do a thing about external factors which create a noise, you can most certainly undertake soundproofing your house at any point of time. Especially for light sleepers or those suffering from sleeping disorders like insomnia, a sound proof house is a must.

There are several ways of how you can go about soundproofing your home. The most effective way is to soundproof it while undergoing construction. However, you can also adopt many effective soundproofing techniques even after the house has been constructed. Follow these simple tips to keep unwanted noise from creeping in to your house.

Soundproofing while construction-

You can incorporate designs that allows for soundproofing within the construction plan itself. Firstly, design your home in such a way that door openings do not face each other directly. This will minimize the level of sound transfer through the doors.

Increase the thickness of your walls to make them impermeable to sound. Add fibreglass insulation into the hollow walls before they are closed up with drywall. The insulation in walls absorbs the sound waves and keeps them from moving through its surface. Adding insulation in your walls not only keeps away the noise but also helps in maintaining a moderate temperature within the house. You can also use vinyl paned windows for soundproofing as they act as good insulators.

Soundproofing after construction

Effective soundproofing is possible by many methods even after a house has been constructed. Soundproofing can be added by hanging sound deadening covers on the walls which are readily available at home stores and with wallpaper suppliers. You can also soundproof your rooms by planting cork tiles onto the walls. This will not only restrict sound waves from trickling in but will also lend a rich look to your room.

Another very simple yet effective way to make your home soundproof is by installing new doors and windows that feature the latest technologies which help in keeping unwanted noise away. There are a lot of windows available in the market nowadays which have two glasses; the little space between the glasses acts as an insulation device and keeps sound waves from travelling through it.

Putting a second wall inside an existing wall is another option for making a room soundproof. This helps in bringing down the sound levels as the air between the two walls restricts sound transmittal.

There are special paints available that contain certain fibres and resins which help in absorbing sound waves. These latex paints are readily available in the market and are extremely easy to use.

Finally, you can fix wall to wall carpets on floors and install thick drapes over the windows for minimal sound transfer. Soft furniture and solid doors also help to keep excess noise away from the room.

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