We Care About Your Plants

Decorate the interior of your house with plants, is a very natural and economic, plants fill spaces and add warmth to the surroundings.Here are the aspects that you must take into account to ensure a good looks and long life to your indoor plants.

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1.The plants inside the majority come from tropical climates, so you have to provide moisture, this is achieved by spraying the leaves, or placing them together to create a microclimate. During the winter draws up a humidifier at home by placing containers of water on radiators.

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2.Keep a constant temperature in the environment where your plants are located. Avoid air conditioning and no place near the air currents.

3. An indirect light, is what we need most of the houseplants, should never receive direct sunlight. If the light affects a lot about the plant, you should rotate regularly to grow uniformly. If you have plants with colored leaves, they need strong light.

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4.The usual cycle of photosynthesis happens in the morning, taking advantage of sunlight. Ensures that all your plants are near a source of natural light at that hour. However, tropical species such as orchids invest this cycle, the first investigates the provenance of your plants inside.