10 DIY Projects To Welcome The New Year With

Another year has passed and a new one is about to begin. Around this time we all start planning the changes we want to make. Thinking back on this past year, surely you can find a few things you’d like to improve regarding your home. A new year means a fresh start and plenty of room for wonderful DIY project. We have the perfect 10 for you to add to the list.

Make stackable fruit crates.

First, decide on the size. Don’t make the crates too big if you don’t need that much storage space or if they won’t fit in your pantry. Then cut the wood to size. Once you have all the pieces, you can sand down the splintered edges and figure out how to put the crates together. Use nails and clamps and assemble the whole thing like a puzzle.{found on thewoodgraincottage}.

Instagram photo wall display.

Need some new artwork for your walls? How about a photo display you can make using jute and a bunch of Instagram photo? You can either make a frame or use one you already have. Cut tiny slits onto the board and add the jute. You’ll basically be hanging the photos in rows and attach them to the jute with tiny clothespins.{found on classyclutter}.

Add magnetic strips to the bathroom walls.

You know all those tiny things like hairpins, tweezers and nail clippers that you keep misplacing in the bathroom? Keep them all in one place, nice and organized. Mount magnetic strips, similar to those magnetic knife holders in the kitchen, and use them to keep all these tiny things up on the wall where you can easily find them when you need them.{found on sprwmn}.

Paint the kitchen cabinets.

As soon as a new year starts is when you should find time for a bigger project such as painting your kitchen cabinets. It’s when it’s most likely to feel energized and full of inspiration. The project is not necessarily complicated and it will completely change the décor in your kitchen.{found on dearemmeline}.

Make a new coat rack from everyday objects.

Here’s another great project for you to try: a coat rack you can make using a piece of wood and some old spoons. Bend the spoons to form the hooks and nail them to the piece of wood which, by the way, can be a board from a pallet. It’s really as easy as it seems.{found on thewoodgraincottage}.

Make sisal coasters.

As it turns out, making your own coasters is really simple. Get some sisal rope, roll and glue. The secret is using enough hot glue to make sure that the layers are staying together as you go. When you begin the first little circle, use plenty of glue and hold it in place until it dries.{found on redflycreations}.

Turn a spice rack into a jewelry holder.

Take an old and ugly spice rack and give it a makeover. Also, re-purpose it and turn it into a jewelry holder for your tiny knick knacks. First clean the piece thoroughly and then get some spray paint. Apply two coasts in any color you prefer. Let it dry and then you can customize it with tiny hooks.{found on illistyle}.

A bathroom makeover.

Take a good look at your bathroom. Does it look outdated and boring? Then it’s time for a makeover. Repaint the walls, put new tiles on the floor, get a new sink and vanity and install some new shelves for more storage. You should also replace the ugly old mirror with something simpler and more chic. It’s a big project but one that your home badly needs.{found on diyshowoff}.

Paint the fireplace.

This is a simple project you can attempt if you have a traditional fireplace like this one with exposed bricks. You can paint the fireplace giving it a fresh new look. Painting the fireplace will also change the entire wall and the whole room will actually start to look different.{found on mylifeandkids}.

Give your nightstand a new look.

Tired of your old nightstand? No problem. You can make it look like new again with a little bit of paint and you can also give it a customized look with a geometric design for the top drawer. In total, you need four different paint colors. All four can be combined in a geometric pattern and one of the colors can be used to paint the rest of the nightstand.{found on theweathereddoor}.

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