Sneaky Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

When you’re living in a small home storage becomes a problem. But this is also something you have to deal with even when you have a generous living space as there’s always something that needs to be stored somewhere. So a sneaky storage space is something we could all use, regardless of the size of our home. It’s always good to be clever and to come up with unexpected solutions for your problems. In an effort to offer you some ideas and suggestions, we have found these interesting designs:

Under-stair storage.

If your home allows you this system, you can use the space under the stairs in a clever and functional way. Transform this space into a cleverly-positioned storage unit with shelves and storage compartments. It’s a space you can use for storing books and all sorts of things and you can also use some of the spaces as a display area for decorations or collectibles.

Window seats and benches.

Most often, the space underneath or right near the windows remains unused. Nobody places furniture there because it would obstruct the light and the views. But a cozy window seat or a bench would be a very nice idea. This also allows you to use the area underneath the bench for storage as it you can incorporate drawers and storage compartments there. In addition, you can extend the storage space on the sides if the décor allows you to.

Wall-mounted TV.

Even though these days everyone has flat screen TVs that should theoretically occupy less space, when you place them on a console or media cabinet they still take a lot of space. They might be thin but they occupy more space than they need to simply because the furniture didn’t adapt to this type of design yet. As a result, a simple and very beneficial solution would be to mount your TV on the wall. This way you will save plenty of space that you can either use for something else or leave empty in order to make the room seem more spacious and airy.

Bookcase doors.

Here’s another very clever and unexpected storage solution: incorporate the door into a bookcase. The idea is very simple and very appealing, especially for small rooms. Try to create a bookcase either in the area around the door or, if the room has a double door or a very large door, you can use only that space. The door would still be functional but it would also be used for something else.

Functionality and beauty in the kitchen.

In the kitchen the best of saving space is to use built-ins. We’re referring both to furniture and appliances. When there’s continuity in the design and décor the room seems less cluttered and thus more airy and spacious. You can find lots of clever storage solutions for the kitchen. For example, you can use pocket doors for the kitchen cabinets. The doors would not occupy precious space when opened and they would be just as functional as other types of doors.

Improvised office.

It’s nearly impossible to leave all your work-related problems at the office. Sometimes there are things you need to continue or finish at home. And even if it’s not the case, there are certain things that are better resolved in an office-like space. But when you don’t have an extra room to use as a home office, you have to improvise. For example, you can turn a closet into a tiny office or you can use the area near the entrance. You just need a few shelves, a desktop and a chair.

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