More creative pallet-recycling ideas

Wooden pallets are some of the most versatile and cheap elements that you can use for DIY projects. We have already presented numerous ideas and projects showcasing pallets but there’s always more. So here we are with even more clever and creative ideas for recycling wooden pallets.

Usually our projects focus on creating useful items for the interior. However, you can also use pallets to make something beautiful for the outdoor areas. For example, this is a pallet pathway. It’s a creative use of the wooden boards from the pallets. Depending on the area you want to cover, you can estimate how many pallets you’ll need.

When redecorating a room with new furniture, try to use everything you have without wasting anything. For example, this kids’ bedroom features a newly redesigned interior. It got new furniture and it also got a new headboard for the bed. The headboard was made from the pallets from other furniture shipments.

This kids’ bedroom also feature an interesting element made from pallets. It’s a shallow shelf that’s been mounted on the wall next to the bed. It’s great for keeping toys and books if the kids like to read before falling asleep. It keeps everything safe and secure inside and doesn’t allow anything to accidentally fall down.

Pallets can also be used for something a little more complex. For example, this media room features a very unexpected TV stands. It’s basically a structure made from wooden pallets stacked one on top of the other. The TV doesn’t actually rest on them as it’s mounted on the wall.

Here’s another unexpected project using wooden pallets. It’s a reclaimed pallet wood door. Making something similar is simple. You need to find some old wooden doors and preserve only the frame. Then replace the missing pieces with wooden pallet slats. The door will instantly get a vintage, old-fashioned look.

Here’s a project that’s great for the bedroom. It’s a wooden pallet bed frame. Making it requires plenty of time and several pallets. It’s a more refined version of the pallet bed frames we showed a while ago. The headboard is also made from pallets and the bed has an overall rustic chic look.

If you have lots of wooden pallets lying around and you don’t have anything planned for them or if you’re confident you can find lots of pallets, here’s an interesting idea: a garden shed with reclaimed wood walls. The wood features different depths and gives the décor a casual and relaxed look.

A reclaimed wood feature can also be integrated in a modern or contemporary decor, not only in rustic, country-style spaces. For example, basement has been renovated and now features stained concrete floor, a wooden accent wall and bar fronts made of reclaimed pallets and reused boards.

Here’s a very interesting idea that we can say we didn’t encounter before. This is a living room featuring a hidden bathtub. It’s covered with a custom door built from oak pallets. The door hides the bathtub and also provides extra privacy when the tub is used. It’s a very unusual idea and another very interesting way of reusing pallets.

We saved something simple and beautiful for the end. This is a lovely flower bed, perfect for the outdoor areas. It’s made from a recycled wooden pallet and it’s a nice decorative element for the garden or for any other outdoor space. It doesn’t need sanding and you don’t have to repaint it either unless you want to.

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Published by in DIY Projects, on November 12th, 2012


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