Modern Christmas Tree Alternatives

Decorating a tree and inviting nature into our homes has been a Christmas tradition for us all our entire lives. But while traditions connect us through generations, they’re also meant to be changed. For example, you could could opt for one of these modern alternatives instead of the usual Christmas tree this year.

The cardboard tree

You can either buy a cardboard Christmas tree or make one yourself. Either way, it’s an inexpensive alternative to the natural tree and one that’s a lot cleaner and easier to install. You can decorate this cardboard tree with regular ornaments or with decorations also made of cardboard or paper.

The tealight holder tree.

The Estilio Tree Tealight Holder from Bomus looks modern and elegant. It’s a candle holder with an artistic design, meant to resemble a Christmas tree.

The wooden tree.

Similar to the cardboard Christmas tree, this version is made of wood so it’s a lot more solid and durable and you can use it year after year. Decorate it with matching wooden ornaments or with actual Christmas tree ornaments.

The upside down tree.

This version is closer to the real thing. It actually looks like a regular Christmas tree, except for the fact that it’s actually hung from the ceiling and placed in the corner of the room. A very interesting option, not to mention space-saving. You waste zero floor space with this one.

The cone tree.

You can basically make anything look like a Christmas tree as long as it’s shaped like a cone. There are perfect examples: trees made of ornaments, twine, rope and lots of other things.

The triangle and newspaper tree.

Also modern and symbolic, there Christmas trees feature a triangle-shaped wooden frame filled with ball-shaped ornaments, some of which are made of newspaper pages, others of twine.

The light fixture tree.

Wouldn’t you agree that this Christmas tree looks simply magical? It projects shadows on the ceiling and walls creating amazing visual effects. Definitely a focal point for the room.

The tree tree.

The logical thing to do for Christmas would be to actually have a tree. The interesting thing about this one is that it’s not the type of tree you’d expect to see this time of the year. The decorations, however, give it the festive look it deserves.

The abstract tree.

Modern designs are often abstract. In the case of this Christmas tree, the symbolism is only present because of the context. The colorful and shiny balls definitely give it a playful look.{found on hankandhunt}.

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