Interior ideas for brightening your room with the yellow paint

Yellow is often considered to be a desperate colour that can bring forth a new life into a room. Those sleepyheads can be got to table easily by making use of yellow placements along with the matching napkins with the background of orange juices that stands welcoming. Along with this a yellow pattern of chair cushions can bring forth a change.

For bathroom purpose, you can make use of the bright yellow tiles or avoid being samey by including a white on the yellow-patterned tiles. This glossy finish further illuminates your room, thereby, bright room interior ideas with yellow paint truly works.

Adding in a bath mat, tub and white shower-curtain continues the yellow and white theme and white adds more light into the room. In fact these are appropriate for smaller rooms too.

With the use of white iron chairs and a glass topped table, your minimalist room can imitate to look bigger in size.

Thus, bright room interior ideas with yellow paint truly show its magic.

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Posted in Interiors on July 13, 2010

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4 Responses to “Interior ideas for brightening your room with the yellow paint”

  • candi says:

    I purchaged a Patricia. That is a kind of painting that has very vivid colors like bright red, bright yellow, bright green etc.. I want to hang it in the living room.What color shall I paint the walls. One strong-bright color from the paint, or a cream or pale one? THank you very much…

  • StefanStefan says:

    Well, personally i love to hang bright things on black or dark walls.If the “patricia” has vivid colors like bright red, bright yellow, bright green etc…but also are ok on cream or pale ..highlighting the art.

    Hope that my replay will help you.

    Thanks for visiting our design site.

  • Futhie says:

    My living room is painted with the very dark yellow, more like ivory beige and the floor tiles are cream and chestnut and the doors are painted with the chestnut colour.

    Kindly help with what colour for the curtains should i use for this combination. Im currently having chocolate brown for the curtains and would like to change to another colour.

  • StefanStefan says:

    The doors are in chestnut color and the curent curtains in chocolate ? Well I think you should change the color of curtains with a light yellow or simple white.




    Now depends your tastes, this is my opinion.

    Thanks and hope that this will help you.