How to tips for General House Cleaning the Natural Way

Apart from being able to save big bucks on cleaning products which can really eat away at your budget, you will also be doing your bit to help save the environment. Go green and do general house cleaning the natural way. There are many organic and natural products that you can find in your kitchen to help you clean house naturally. Getting rid of the chemicals in cleaning products has the effect of making the home a safer place for your family and helping save the planet.

In this article we take a journey through your kitchen to find products that will help you perform general house cleaning the natural way. If you don’t have these products in your home, it is a simple matter to make a list and pick them up from your neighborhood grocery store.

-Vinegar (white) is a fantastic all purpose cleaner for general house cleaning the natural way. It helps to remove various stains, grease and mildew. It is the best choice for washing down windows and for shining metal surfaces.

-Lemon juice – has natural whitening properties and can help to remove grease and stains. It is very effective when used on aluminum and porcelain.

-Baking soda – a staple in most every home this powerful white powder is a great cleaning and deodorizing agent. Sprinkle it directly onto grout and other stains for quick removal.

When mixed together these 3 ingredients make a super efficient cleaning agent that will make your general house cleaning the natural way more effective.

Apart from the three items detailed above, other good cleaning agents include:

Borax is also very good cleaning agent and a natural mineral that kills germs and bacteria. You can use the borax powder to deodorize, clean, disinfect and soften water. It is good for cleaning wallpaper, walls (painted) and floors.

Cornstarch is another excellent product for general house cleaning the natural way. You can use it to clean windows, shampoo carpets and rugs and polish furniture.

Salt makes a good scouring agent and you can add some to the mix to help scour grease and stubborn stains more effectively.

Here are a few guidelines to help you use these cleaning agents:

One of the simplest of all cleaning agents is baking soda, add 4 tablespoons to one quart of water and spray it on bathtubs, toilets, washbasins or any surfaces you want to clean. Put it directly on stubborn stains and pour undiluted vinegar over it to get rid of the stains.

Mix up 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 gallon of water and use this to wash the windows. Wipe down the windows with old newspaper and you have extra shiny glass for little or nothing.

You can make your own dishwashing soap by mixing together equal parts of washing soda and borax. If you have hard water, increase the quantity of washing soda.

There are many things you can do with the products in your home to perform general house cleaning the natural way.

Happy scrubbing!

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