How to Decorate Kitchen Combined with Living Room?

With property prices soaring high, open floor plan concept is gaining popularity as it is a cost effective option. The open floor plan concept is quite different than the typical room concept.  Living room, kitchen and dining space are often combined into a single space.  The concept undoubtedly makes the house appear larger and spacious, provided it is decorated properly. Needless to be mentioned but decorating an open floor plan is definitely tricky. You need to consider functionality and impact of every element before introducing it in the house.

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Kick start the project by dressing the walls. The paint colors should be chosen carefully. It is not mandatory to select the same color for each area, but colors should complement each other. You can select colors from the same family to get a flow in the room. Alternatively, you may also select completely contrasting colors such as blue and green, fuchsia and yellow. Another interesting idea is to paint one area and wallpaper the other.

Generally, it is recommended to select identical window dressing for the entire area instead of selecting varied dressings for different areas. Using identical window dressing will pull the area together and make it appear as one space.

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Furniture pieces incorporated in each area should be in alliance with each other. A contemporary entertainment will definitely not match with a traditional oak dining table as it will create sudden changes and break the flow. Make sure to choose the same material or wood, and the basic style of furniture for the varied furniture pieces.

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Use lighting fixtures to define spaces and differentiate functions of each area. You may choose pendant lighting to hang over the kitchen countertop or island and opt for a rendezvous chandelier for the living area.

Introduce different types of accessories in both the rooms, which are connected by some mean or the other. For instance, if you have stainless steel pots hanging in the kitchen area, you may display an intricate stainless steel bowl filled with artificial flowers in the living area. Another example is to extend the colors. For instance, blue pendant lights in the kitchen area can be complemented with a blue throw over the back of the sofa placed in the living room.

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