How to choose the Right Sofa for Your Room

The sofa is pretty much the piece of furniture around which everything else revolves. It’s most often the focal point of the living room and the first piece you buy when decorating this space. So how do you choose the perfect sofa for your home? Do you base your decision on the way it looks, comfort or practicality?

The space available in the room.

Before you go out and buy a sofa, you have to measure the room. There has to be enough legroom for people to feel comfortable and enough space around the sofa so everyone can move freely. Decide where in the room you want to place the sofa and use tape to delimitate the area.

The size of the sofa.

The size of the sofa has to be chosen in conformity with the size of the room. In other words, if you have a tiny living room you can’t get a huge sofa because it will completely take over the space. If the room is large, then a small sofa will simply look ridiculous. If you want the room to feel larger, get a sofa with open space underneath.

The function.

You also need to think about the function your sofa will be fulfilling. Is it just for guests to sit on when they visit or do you also want to be able to sleep on it if needed? Perhaps you also want the sofa to give some extra storage space in a small room. Take all these aspects into consideration before making a decision.

Wear and tear.

If you have small children or pets, then you also need to consider how durable the sofa will be. Think whether or not you have to select a certain type of material or if the design has to be kid-friendly. Leather sofas are particularly resistant and easy to care for.

The style.

Of course, you need to also take into consideration the style. The sofa needs to complement the rest of the room so, if you have a minimalist living space the sofa needs to fit in as well. Contemporary sofas tend to feature clean lines and fewer embellishments.

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