How To Efficiently Arrange Furniture In A Studio apartment

Studio apartments are small, offering limited floor space and limited design and décor options. In order to make the most of what you have, you need to be ingenious and to rely on unusual strategies.

Unlike the one-bedroom apartments, studios don’t include a separate sleeping zone but only a single large space which combines all the basic functions. So arranging the furniture is a difficult task which dictates the whole organization of the space and the way the whole apartment will be used.

Start with the bed since it’s the largest piece of furniture, taking a big chunk of floor space. Place the bed in such a way that you can have a bit of privacy while sleeping. It shouldn’t be immediately visible from the front door. Most often, the bed in a studio apartment is placed in the corner.

The space closest to the front door should be the living space/ social area. Decide which element should be the focal point in this area. It could be the entertainment center and you could organize the rest of the furniture around it. You can better delimitate the space using an area rug.

As for the kitchen and dining area, the two can be connected. If you’d rather not waste space with a dining table, you can opt for a bar or a kitchen island. Expandable or folding tables are also an option. The kitchen should be as simple and practical as possible.

Depending on your lifestyle, need and preferences, you can also include a desk/ workspace, a reading corner, etc.

You can separate all these spaces and different zones using room dividers, area rugs, shelving units, etc. A bookshelf unit can separate the bedroom from the living space for example. Another option is to use curtains to hide and separate the sleeping area from the rest of the space.

Offer each space and function a focal point. For example, the kitchen can have an eye-catching backsplash, the living area can have an interesting coffee table or a quirky lamp, etc.

To save space in a studio apartment, you need to organize the furniture just right. It’s best to try several options, make sketches and measurements and choose the best option. It’s a lot easier this way than having to move furniture around.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on March 17th, 2011


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