Home Gym Designs That Will Keep You Motivated In Winter

In the first few months of the year, once the excesses of the festive season are starting to fade, many of us are determined to get more exercise and to live more healthily. However, even those of us that live in southern regions will find it problematic to head out of doors to exercise in the winter. Even getting into the car to visit the gym can feel like a chore during inclement weather.

The solution is, of course, a home gym that you do not have to travel to. Home gym designs are as varied as their owners. Some favour running machines while others prefer pulling weights. Nevertheless, getting your décor right and laying out your exercise equipment sympathetically is the key to you actually using the gym regularly. A poorly designed home gym will not motivate you to use it. Follow a few tips to get the right balance between a working gym and an attractive space to be in, to keep you going well after spring arrives.

Floor For Aerobics.

Some gyms are so packed with gadgets and equipment that no floor space is left over for any other form of exercise. If you have been away from the gym for a few months, with no regular exercise regime, then entering a gym that is full of specialist gear can be a little daunting. If so, you probably won’t want to use it. Make space in the center of your gym for aerobic exercise. Start off gently, with stretching exercises using gym balls in an adequate space. Once you have done a few sessions with these you will feel ready to build up your aerobic exercise regime.

Yoga Rooms.

If you like your exercise to be focused on stretching and body movement, rather than muscle building, turning your home gym over to a yoga space is a good idea. Remove gadgets, your sound system and televisions to create a place with a sense of calm contemplation. If you also want to keep your conventional gym as well as a yoga space, consider using a mezzanine floor above it for a yoga area, or converting a bedroom to use instead.

Space Between Your Equipment.

If you enter any gym that is crammed with lots of equipment the effect can be unwanted. Lots of equipment may make your home look like a professional gym, but this can actually cause some people to feel less motivated. The amount of equipment you should install will depend on the size of the room you have to work in, so there is no hard and fast rule to obey. The key to a successful home gym, that will motivate you, is to leave adequate space between your kit so that the effect is not too busy and overwhelming.

Towels And Mats.

Set aside a place in your gym for you towels, mats and other gym essentials like your MP3 player. Keeping these things in your gym, ready to go, will mean that you never skip a gym session with the excuse that you didn’t have everything to hand you needed. Install a storage space to house all the essentials. A simple racking system is enough to do the job effectively.


Keeping yourself motivated by installing a mirror in your gym is a good idea. After all, it is what you will see in nearly all professional gyms. Hang a couple of long mirrors in your gym, as a minimum. However, giving over one wall entirely to a mirrored façade is even better. Place your equipment such that it faces the mirrors, so you can see yourself as you work out, for the maximum motivational effect.

Keep Fluid.

Install a mini refrigerator in your gym so you can enjoy a cool drink whilst you exercise. Store some water as well as energy drinks. Wine cellar fridges, designed to house bottles, make ideal gym refrigerators.

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