Going Green – How to Clean Your Bathroom Naturally

Let us start this article out by a question – how clean is your bathroom?  For most of us an honest answer would be rather embarrassing. However, this article is not written for the purpose of shaming anyone. Each of us has a busy lifestyle that does not leave much room for cleaning on top of everything we endure each day!  In this article you will learn some easy tips to clean the bathroom naturally.

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We live in a world that is over-polluted with all the chemicals and other harmful toxic gases we release daily into the ozone. Global warming is a very really threat that cannot be ignored any longer. Going green has become the focus from world leaders to environmental groups around the globe. Making use of natural or organic products will help to considerably lessen the harmful impact on the environment. Each one of us can do our bit in the home as well and a good way to start is to find out how to clean your bathroom naturally.

Time to get started with operation bathroom cleanup – tips to clean your bathroom naturally:

The most handy items in your kitchen that can be used to clean your bathroom naturally are vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. All safe, non toxic items that is environmentally friendly and good for you as well.

Bathtubs are no laughing matter to keep clean but here’s a really good tip. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar, the regular kind you probably have in your kitchen. Spray all over the tub and leave it set for 15-30 minutes; wipe down the tub and then rinse off and dry. Pure vinegar is great for getting rid of stains in the tub and you pour or spray undiluted vinegar on the stains and all over the tub to get rid of the scum. If the stains are very stubborn you can always make a paste of lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar and apply it to the stains.

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Toilets and washbasins can also be cleaned by spraying with undiluted vinegar or applying a paste made from lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda on stubborn stains. Let it soak into the stains for 30 minutes while you enjoy a cup of coffee or watch a television program. Then get down to scrubbing with your toilet brush, most stains should come out easily. You can always use a pumice stone to get rid of the really stubborn ones.

Another problem area in the bathroom is the grouting between tiles. Grout it would seem acts like a magnet to attract dirt and mildew that is hard to get rid of. Make a paste of the baking soda and vinegar and then apply it onto the grout. You can actually apply it to the tiles as well. Use a scrubbing brush to get the dirt off the grout and then use a hand-shower to the wash down the tiles.

Very stubborn stains may require you to sprinkle baking soda on the grout and then pour undiluted white vinegar directly onto the baking soda. With a fizzle and a crackle your dirt and mildew will detach itself from the grout. An old toothbrush can then be used to get rid of it completely.

Make sure to wear gloves when you get ready to clean your bathroom naturally.

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