Bright your kitchen this summer with this neon yellow stone sink

Every kitchen needs some color in it. It puts you in a good mood and makes you more dynamic. The best of getting sure you’re in a good odd while working in the kitchen is to have colorful work surfaces. For example, the sink from Pyrolave is perfect in this sense.Pyrolave came up with a very interesting concept.They designed a very cute-looking sink/counter top.The actual sink is of small dimensions compared to regular sinks but that’s because this is not a sink for washing dishes in but just an addition to the work surface or counter top.

Neon Yellow Pyrolave Stone Sink

With this beautiful piece from Pyrolave cooking will be a delight. This piece has a very bright and colorful look. It comes in bright yellow and several other colors and it’s both a very functional piece and an accent element for the kitchen.

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This is a stone sink/counter top so it’s strong and durable while also having a very nice texture. It’s a high-quality surface that has a very bold look. The design itself is very simple but it comes in over 32 colors and they are all beautiful and eye-catching. If you can’t find your favorite color among those you can also specify your own and make sure it perfectly matches your kitchen. It’s a very practical piece that is suitable not only for kitchens but also to bathrooms and other similar areas.

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Posted in Kitchen on June 14, 2012

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