An exclusive apartment block where you can park your car from the living room[Video]

Parking in the city is limited and we often need to walk unnecessary distances after we parked our car at a remarkable distance from our home because of the lack of space. Of course, those that have the necessary resources have their own parking spaces and garages. But there is now a new level of luxury when it comes to parking the car. This is a luxurious apartment building located in Hamilton Parks in Singapore.

It’s a brand-new development that has 30 levels. As you can imagine, apartments in this exclusive building cost somewhere between £6 and £15 million. Given these impressive prices, it’s only natural to get something unique in exchange. The apartments are, of course, splendid and luxurious and there’s even something more impressive than that. The inhabitants of this apartment building have the possibility of parking their cars from their living rooms. It sounds made up but it’s very real.

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The designer of the skyscraper came up with an ingenious and innovative solution as a response to the limited parking in the city. The building offers the possibility for the cars owners to simply drive their amazing cars into a biometrically-controlled lift. The lift is situated at the base of the building. Then the lift takes the car and brings it to the owner’s apartment. By the time you reach your home your car gets there too.{video from youtube}.