6 Beautiful Neon Wedding Inspiration Ideas

Neon colors are very strong and very vibrant and this makes them difficult to work with. You don’t want to experiment with these colors when you’re planning an important event such as your wedding. However, a little knowledge and some tips go a long way. Here are some great ideas for how to use neon colors in your wedding.

Neon for a fall wedding.

Given the intensity of the colors and the fact they are so bright, neon colors are mostly used during summer. It’s because it’s easier to make them blend in when there are so many bright shades around. But who said everything has to be easy? In fact, when you think about it, neon colors would stand out more and would be truly spectacular if used on a fall wedding.

If you’re planning a neon wedding then you should follow this theme from beginning to the end. You can start with the invitations. Choose a neon shade that you like and make sure you include it in the rest of the wedding as well. You can mix different neon colors but you also have to make sure they each stand out as individual shades. Keep that in mind when setting the tables and when choosing the decorations.{found on 100layercake}.

Mix neon with neutrals.

Neon colors are very strong and very bold. It’s why you’ll most likely need to temper them with something. Such vibrant shades should be used in moderation. You want them to stand out but not to take over the whole wedding décor. So if you’re planning on creating wedding decorations with neon colors, make sure you also use neutrals. Always mix them to get a nice balance of shades.

It’s important to maintain the balance and this can be applied to everything you do. For example, a little touch of neon color on an arrangement can be enough to make it stand out. You don’t have to use colors in huge quantities in order to make them visible. Also, if you’ve chosen a neon theme, make sure you include the colors in every detail. It should be a continuous and cohesive décor.{found on ruffledblog}.

Neon table arrangements.

For the table arrangements, if you decide to use neon colors, it would be best to choose a monochromatic scheme and to just add a little kick of extra color here and there. For example, in this example we have a lovely wedding table where green is the main shade and pink, orange and yellow accents were used for extra kick.

It’s also important to be creative. For example, if you want your wedding plates to stand out, you can use neon tape. For the silverware and vases you can use neon paint and just dip them to give them a nice touch of color. It will take a while but you’ll definitely love the results. You can follow the same theme and use neon for the floral arrangements and even for the wedding cake as well. It’s all about the color but it’s important to remember to use it in moderation.{found on bklynbrideonline}.

Mix the shades and remember the neutrals.

When planning a neon wedding and especially when choosing the design for the tables, it’s important to maintain a balance. Neon colors are very strong so if you decide to mix them it’s important to be very careful. It’s ok to use more than one neon for the table arrangement but you have to keep in mind that it can be difficult to allow each color to stand out.

For example, if you use orange, you can mix it with yellow and you’ll have a bright and beautiful combo. A third color is not always welcome but, in this case, it can be a good idea to also use some neon green. Green is a cold color and it will definitely stand out in combination with orange and yellow. However, the accent color, in this case green, has to be used in moderation and only to add a little extra kick. Everything should have a neutral background.

Modern neon wedding.

Some would say that a neon wedding will look artificial because these colors don’t usually occur in nature. But you can prove them wrong. In fact, you can use this contrast in your favor and you can play with this balance between natural and artificial. It’s not that difficult to find flowers that feature bright and vibrant colors. So use those for your floral arrangements for the table and complement the décor with a few simple and modern creations.

For example, you could have abstract decorations hanging above the table, neon balloons and all sorts of other simple elements. You could also have a neon-inspired wedding cake. It could be very simple and mostly white with a few neon-colored decorations. Don’t forget to use some neon inspiration for your wedding dress as well.{found on polkadotbride}.

A white wedding with bright neon touches.

As we’ve mentioned before, neon colors are very bold and vibrant so they should always be tempered with neutrals. They should also be used moderately. So what could be better than having a white wedding with neon splashes? You can use this modern combo for everything, including the table arrangements, the wedding cake, the dress and the invitations.

You can take advantage of all the bright neon colors existent in nature and you can have a bar with fresh limes and lemons and with bold-colored flowers everywhere. A white background will not only temper the neon shades but it will also allow these bold colors to stand out even more by providing a very strong contrast. Also, a white wedding would be a classical and elegant choice and you can give it a modern twist by using all these vibrant colors.{found on bridalmusings}.

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