20 L-shaped kitchen design ideas to inspire you

The kitchen is an odd room. It’s a space originally designed for cooking but, with time, it has also become a social space where friends and families spend time together, where they chat while someone is making dinner or where they simply gather to socialize. But a kitchen needs to be, first of all, functional. It’s a space where style comes second but, nevertheless, doesn’t have to be ignored. It’s a space where everything has to be perfectly balanced.

A traditional L-shaped kitchen with a classical interior décor

L-shaped kitchens are very common. They are practical because they offer an internal structure that offers a décor that’s perfect for cooking but also for everything else. Whether they are a separate room or they are part of an open floor plan, L-shaped kitchens feature plenty of counter space which can be a crucial detail and that can make the difference between a practical kitchen and one that lacks something important. They also have the shape necessary for also including a kitchen island.

A modern kitchen with a color palette based on white, black and grey

Remodeled L-shaped kitchen with a neutral but warm and stylish interior

Modern kitchen with rich textures and a balanced color palette

A Mediterranean-inspired kitchen décor with bold tiled floors

Open-floor plan with elegant and uniform décor details

Contemporary kitchen with patterned backsplashes and bright furnishings

In an L-shaped kitchen you already have the necessary background to include plenty of storage space for all the tools, supplies and everything you usually use and need in the kitchen. Nothing can be more annoying and distracting than not having enough space in the kitchen and always bumping into something.

Modern, airy kitchen with accent floor lighting

Wooden furniture for a warm and elegant kitchen décor

Bold color contrasts and varying textures for a stylish modern look

A traditional L-shaped kitchen with modern touches

Modern kitchen with an earthy color palette and stainless steel appliances

A farmhouse kitchen as part of an open floor plan

Contemporary kitchen with simple and strong color contrasts

Bright kitchen with clean, modern interior and pastel colors

The timeless black and white contrast with wood as an accent element

Modern, all-white kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a clean décor

A traditional kitchen with a country-style interior décor

Remodeled kitchen with an almost all-wooden interior

Traditional wooden L shaped kitchen

The way you decorate and organize an L-shaped kitchen doesn’t actually give much room for creativity but, nevertheless, there are plenty of options and ways in which you can make your kitchen feel original and beautiful. We’ve selected 20 examples to illustrate that.

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Published by in Kitchen, on October 15th, 2012


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