20 Backyard Pool Design Ideas For A Hot Summer

Having a house with a pool is what most people dream about. But have you ever wondered how that house would actually look like? Where would be pool be placed and what would it be its design? These are all important questions and you only get to think about them when you’re facing the actual situation.But let’s explore the subject and see what options you could choose from. We have selected 20 pool designs and backyard decors for you to take a look at.

A long and narrow pool can be a viable option for small plots

One idea would be to have the pool placed in the backyard but adjacent to the house. You could have a thick glass wall that separates them and you could actually see the water on your window. Of course, it’s a more extravagant idea. There are also simpler options. For example, you could have an outdoor sitting and lounge area with the pool on one side and with lounge chairs, tables and umbrellas on the other.

A backyard lap pool with big walls surrounding it is quite charming

Don’t forget about privacy and either have a fence or tall vegetation

A big backyard can be outfitted with a pool and a relaxing lounge area

A slide near the pool would be a really fun accessory that everyone can enjoy

The shape of the pool may vary so choose the one that better fits your backyard

Blue tiles on the pool will make the water seem more beautiful

Even modern pool areas take advantage of the surrounding vegetation

Try to combine the pool with the outdoor lounge area

The shape of the pool can give it a more natural or artificial look

You can have several types of pools combined in a big design

Mediterranean pool designs are particularly charming

A contemporary pool with a very simple and serene look

The pool should be the star of the décor while everything else is organized around it

A combination between a pool and a fountain

Use natural materials like stone or wood for the area surrounding the pool

A pool with an organic shape and beautiful stone features

The size of the pool can be adjusted to the size of your backyard

An outdoor pool area with an elegant Mediterranean feel

The color of the tiles is very important for any pool

You could also put the pool in the garden and combine the two concepts. A pathway can lead to the pool and it can be surrounded by vegetation and beautiful flowers. Another thing to think about are the accessories. For example, you could have a slide near the pool and that would be fun for everyone.You could also have a hot tub and a pool and the two can be connected. There are so many different options to explore. It’s why it’s better if you actually visualize them and adapt them to your own case.

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Published by in Outdoor, on May 3rd, 2013


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