Cool Ways To Make Your Summer Better With a DIY Swimming Pool

When it’s super hot outside and all you want is to relax and unwind, having a pool seems like the best thing ever. These things however can get really expensive and quickly turn into complex projects. There are however alternatives.

 DIY Swimming Pool

You can take matters into your own hands and plan, design and construct the pool yourself. It’s not a walk in the park but it’s also not as complicated as you may think. We hope the following DIY swimming pool tutorials can be of some help.

DIY Swimming Pool Ideas To Spruce the Backyard This Summer

DIY Backyard Wood Swimming Pool

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Swimming pools are fun for the whole family so this would be an opportunity for everyone to get involved in the project and lend a hand. With a bit of extra help you can have the pool in place in no time.

This one right here is framed in wood which gives a spa-inspired and hot tub-like look. Putting the frame together was quite easy seeing as the boards are interlocked and fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Check out the video on youtube to see how the floor was prepared and how the interior of the pool was finished.

DIY Above Ground Pool with Pallets

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Above ground pools are the easiest ones to build. They don’t require extensive digging and they look lovely when framed in wood. This one makes use of a lot of pallet wood which is a really great way to reduce the cost of this whole project.

It’s also big and circular which is not easy to do but it ended up looking amazing. If you have the space for something like this in your backyard you should definitely check out the youtube tutorial showing how this pool was built from scratch.

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If you want your swimming pool to look a bit more polished, modern and professional, concrete is the perfect material to focus on. This one was built on a flat surface but if you prefer your swimming pool to be built into the ground or a slope that can be done as well. It has an oval shape and was built using lintel blocks to wrap rebar around the whole thing every 8” horizontally. It was then plastered and waterproofed with white surface bonding cement initially, later followed by blue finish coat. Check out instructables to find out the details of this amazing project.

Stock tank pool

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For a smaller pool, something that you might eventually want to move to a different location or replace with something else, you can make use of a stock tank. They come in various different sizes so choose the one that best fits your backyard. You should also invest in a pool pump to clean the water so you don’t have to constantly drain and refill the pool over the course of the summer. A really cool design idea for such a pool can be found on heywandererblog. As you can see, it has this beautiful wooden frame around it which doubles as seating and as a surface on which to keep pool accessories, towels, toys, drinks and so on.

Simple DIY stock tank pool

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If you want to set up just a basic stock tank pool to start with and figure out all the accessories and other extra features later, you can check out this comprehensive tutorial on stocktankpoolauthority. It explaining everything you need to know about this project with all the different phases and all the supplies and tools that you’re going to need. Once the pool is done, you can start making expansion plans and come up with ideas on how to make it look pretties or how to improve the space around it.

Old stock tank pool refinish

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There’s also a really great tutorial on arrowsandbow which covers the whole stock tank pool idea. Here you can see that the exterior of the tank was painted white which gives the pool a cleaner and pretties look. Also, the area around it was transformed. There’s a nice border around the pool and a little walkway leading to it through the garden. It’s the little details that make a big difference in DIY projects such as this one.

Plans to build a swimming pool with pallets

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Using pallets to build your own little pool in the backyard is a great way to save some money, especially if you plan on using wood for the exterior frame anyway. You can also use pallet to add accessories to the pool such as a set of stairs for easy access in and out or a small deck around it. For more details on how to use pallets for this project, check out the plans on diypalletfurniture.

Shipping container swimming pool

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You can also take things to a new level by building yourself a shipping container pool. The project is of course more ambitious than many of the other ones on this list but at the same time it would make perfect sense in a lot of different cases. This beautiful home is the perfect example. Its gorgeous cantilevered pool was made by a company called Shipping Container Pools and takes full advantage of the views.

In-ground shipping container pool

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On a similar note, a company called Modpools specializes in creating swimming pools made out of reclaimed shipping containers. The pools can be set up within minutes once delivered on site and it’s even possible to have them relocated when you move to a different house.

A variety of features such as the temperature, jets and lighting can be controlled via smartphone, making it super convenient and easy to enjoy the perfect afternoon in your own backyard.