Chic Powder Room Ideas For Sizzling Bathroom Spaces

There’s an unlimited number of powder room ideas. The challenging part is finding one that’s right for your bathroom. If you’re thinking about transforming a bathroom into a powder room, there are a few things to consider. 

Powder Room Ideas

According to business magazine Forbes, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggested the budget of a bathroom remodel should be between five and ten percent of the home’s value. On average, bathroom remodels cost about $10,000. “The most budget-friendly remodel can be done for $2,500, while high-end projects can be upwards of $30,000. The cost will vary depending on the scope,” the report said.

Contemporary Powder Room Designs For Bathroom Spaces

Handpicked by our team of interior design experts, the following examples represent the latest in contemporary bathroom layouts.

Neutral Green

Modern blush bathroom

This neutral, green powder room from HGTV creates a harmonious vibe. And that coral addition to the walls adds a natural, “under the sea” quality that keeps it feeling fresh and relaxing.

Marble Tile Accent

Modern blush bathroom

River Oak Cabinetry turned their powder room into a marble-inspired palace. Accent walls are popular in powder rooms. The gray paint and white appliances pop and blend well.  

Black & Gold

Modern blush bathroom

Maybe you’re thinking of something more regal? If so, check out this gorgeous black and gold design we found while perusing the ideas at Domestic Charm.

Contemporary Wallpaper

Modern blush bathroom

Zillow features awesome nooks and crannies of every home – and that includes this chic half bath. The pretty wallpaper is modern and unique, plus it complements the pedestal sink. 

White Texture

Modern blush bathroom

The Holland turns this half bath into a minimalistic bathroom. The natural wood pops right off of the multi-texture, crisp white walls. 

Marble Walls

Modern blush bathroom

Among half bath ideas, marble is a respected material. This design from Minosa knocked our socks off and had us dreaming of Swedish style. The marble wall treatment add texture while the ambient lighting provides a soothing touch.

Gold Trellis

Modern blush bathroom

Decoholic featured this golden half bath on their site and we snatched it up to showcase as well. The golden, trellis accent wall is a showstopper and head spinner. This is an example of how small spaces can elevate your living environment.

Round Mirror

Modern blush bathroom

Instead of relying on an accent wall as the focal point, go with a round mirror. This powder room example has a masculine and contemporary art vibe.

Artistic Flooring

Modern blush bathroom

Home Depot shared this black and white example and it was hard not to fall in love with that tile floor. It’s different than others, but with small bathrooms but the great lighting helps to open the space. An argument could be made that the toilet paper stand is the focal point. Either way, don’t hesitate to use a decor item if you want to add character to your small space. 

Victorian Style

Modern blush bathroom

La Dolce Vita chose a Victorian design path with this example. Between the hardware and mirror choices to the wallpaper is an example of how you can add interest without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. 

Hotel Inspired

Modern blush bathroom

This chic powder room is on their site and we snatched it up because it reminded us of an ultra-contemporary hotel bathroom. There will always be more options to choose from when considering room ideas for your bathroom. Instead of textured wallpaper, you could use thick tile to cover the entire room. 

Elegant Powder Room Design

Modern blush bathroom

Maybe you’d rather have a more elegant vision in mind for your newly revamped powder room? Check out this gorgeous Pinterest find for inspiration, and grab some fresh flowers too!

DIY Small Powder Room

Modern blush bathroom

You could take a DIY approach and add accent pieces to your bathroom. Check out everything done in this cozy, traditional space by visiting Nina Hendrick.

Extra Glam

Modern blush bathroom

DK Decor went with an extra glam design complete with a hammered sink and a mirrored vanity. Glistening and sparkling from corner to corner, this gorgeous take on a classic design uses a brass vessel sink as a focal point for this design.

Double Powder

Modern blush bathroom

This is Glamorous showcased this stunning, double bathroom that had us smiling from ear to ear. We love that pop of gold that comes off the wall and cabinetry.

Blue Swirls

Modern blush bathroom

Some of us thrive off color and a bit more than others. And inside this bathroom from Centsational Style, you get some blue swirls that complete the look and create a gorgeous focus.

Bohemian Powder Room

Modern blush bathroom

This bathroom holds a certain amount of bohemian flair that we’re drawn to. Its “World Market” style was such a funky take on a powder room. Check out more at Amber Interiors.

Nautical Theme

Modern blush bathroom

Nautical themes are ideal for any home. It’s calm and relaxing, and we found this particular contemporary mix over at Happily Eva After.

Vintage Powder Room

Modern blush bathroom

This space from Laurel Home offers an antique flavor. But if you look closely, you’ll fall in love with all of the gorgeous, textural details.

Offbeat Color

Modern blush bathroom

The Chronicles of Home went all the way with their color scheme. Turquoise, black, and a splatter of the rainbow too, it’s a youthful and uplifting space to share.

Extra Slim

Modern blush bathroom

Check out this unusual, extra slim powder room we found at DigsDigs. Sultry blue covers the walls and a swirled tile finishes out the floor to create a magical escape for you and your guests.

Mixed Material

Modern blush bathroom

Metal, acrylics, and, of course, porcelain too, check out this contemporary space from AD. We love the classic black and white color combination and the assortment of materials used to create the space.

Floral Wallpaper

Modern blush bathroom

Jazzing up a small space is easier with large floral patterns on the walls. As an additional style point, a corner floating shelf system adds interest while providing more storage space. If you’re looking to create a more glam and feminine space then you’ll want to grab some inspiration from this spot at Your Marketing BFF.

Lavender Cues

Modern blush bathroom

The lavender hues shine with the throw rug that compliments the purple shades from the tiles on the wall. We love polka-dotted inspired floors as well from this beauty we snagged from Pinterest.

Royal Features

Modern blush bathroom

The Scout Guide created this gorgeous, royal space and from top to bottom. From the hardware choices to the pretty wallpaper, this is a powder room fit for a princess.

Minimal Design

Modern blush bathroom

House of Home designed this powder room with a minimal, simple style. It has a mid-century modern vibe that’s stylish for this setting. The white walls provide a neutral backdrop.

Beach House

Modern blush bathroom

This Beautiful Day offers a bathroom from southern California’s Manhattan Beach. Distressed hardware, natural wood accents, and a ruffled shower curtain create an organic vibe. The light blue wall treatment and wooden floating shelves add the right amount of character.

Pink Powder Room Design

Modern blush bathroom

Blushing pink and gold has become one of the trendiest and most classic color combinations. A Beautiful Mess showcases how to get something similar in your own home with some DIY tricks.

Polka Dots

Modern blush bathroom

Wallpaper accents with a polka-dot wall treatment that creates a cool vibe filled with character and personality. Driven by Decor shows us what you can do with a small space.

Nickel Hardware

Modern blush bathroom

One can never go wrong with a classic approach. The example here is from Kristy Wicks. The marble countertop and nickel hardware go hand-in-hand creating a sophisticated place for the family and guests to enjoy.

Youthful Design

Modern blush bathroom

Amber Interiors also showcased this more youthful setup that could play to the hearts of the teens in our home. Add color accents and prints to personalize the powder room.

Rustic Vision

Modern blush bathroom

Tidbits & Twine had a rustic vision when it came to their bathroom style. An old wooden dresser turned into a vanity with wood frames on the walls came together to create a throwback, farmhouse feel.

Manhattan Beach Style

Modern blush bathroom

You could dress your powder room in some of your favorite things. Mermaids and lemons seem to make quite the fun and vivacious combination according to Bright Bazaar.

Patterned Tile

Modern blush bathroom

Emily Henderson went with a unique tiling to fill their powder room. All eyes are on the art below the feet of their guests while the rest of the space is crisp and simple. With small bathrooms, white is a popular color because it makes the space appear bigger. Instead of a wall accent, this example relies on the patterned tile to create an accented floor.

Industrial Design

Modern blush bathroom

Going industrial as they did at Cheetah is the New Black could be a good move. The metal and white combination keeps with that same modern, masculine vibe.

Deep Teal

Modern blush bathroom

Deep teal is a great color for the bathrooms and that’s what they used as the accent in this space from Bless’er House. It’s a good pop for those that still want a bit of simplicity in their home design. You’ll notice in this example how there is plenty of room for decorative accents.

Delicate Flowers

Modern blush bathroom

Carley Brandon highlighted her powder room with delicate flowers. The wallpaper helps set the tone and scene for this modern, feminine space. A featured wallpaper design is a safe option when creating an accent wall. 

Vintage Light Fixture

Modern blush bathroom

Design Develop Realize included gold as their main source of inspiration. The foils on the walls create a beautiful pattern and focus for the narrow room. The petite sink also makes for a stylish addition. 

Extra Patterns

Modern blush bathroom

You’ll find this vivacious powder room hanging out with our friends at Trendir. And it’s a great example of how simplicity works and patterns can make a difference.

Blush Walls

Modern blush bathroom

HGTV gives us our last bout of powder room inspiration and this time we’re swooning for the blushing walls and gray accents. It’s a relaxing and romantic space to enjoy for friends and for the family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

When Did Powder Rooms Become Popular?

In 1946, immediately following World War II, the US experienced a construction boom. It was also during this period when building codes changed, mandating that new homes would need a minimum of one bathroom. The new regulation made it economical for homeowners to add a second bathroom to their homes.

What's The Minimum Size Of A Powder Room?

According to the International Residents Code (IRC), a powder room is 11 square feet at the bare minimum. However, powder rooms on average are roughly 20 square feet. When adding a powder room to your home, the room should blend with your home’s layout.

How Much Does A Powder Room Vanity Cost?

An average bathroom vanity unit costs between $500-$3,800, excluding labor expenses.  Normal, mass-produced bathroom vanity shouldn’t cost more than $2,600.

Can A Powder Room Have A Shower?

When installing a shower in a powder room, make sure to include additional ventilation. Showers produce hot water, which in turn generates steam and moisture. Without proper ventilation, a powder room shower would damage your interior structure. The water moisture would cause wood rot and other problems. 

Which Wall Should Be The Accent Wall In A Powder Room?

When creating an accent wall in a powder room, professional interior designers prefer to use the wall behind the vanity or bathtub. However, there isn’t a design rule that mandates you must use a specific wall as an accent wall.

Powder Room Ideas Conclusion

Take your pick from the powder room designs offered here, or create one by yourself. Adding a tiny powder room. Adding a small space like a powder room to your home isn’t like refurbishing The Great Wall of China. When you take something that’s easy and you make it difficult, your efforts will end in failure.

Start your project with something small, like a marble sink, and go from there. A round mirror with a pedestal sink would also look nice. Floating shelves are another idea to consider as they would provide additional storage space.

The goal is to create an inviting space. You shouldn’t feel limited with a small bathroom. There are plenty of decorative accents you can add that would make the space feel bigger.