10 Unique Living Rooms With Cozy in Mind

Sometimes lighting options can be cozier than universal lighting.

Curved couches are a fun way to branch out for the first time.

Tan leather sofas are still trending and have been for quite some time.

People are centering their couch in this new cozy living room trend and it’s actually working.

Criss-crossing is an old trend that is catching on again.

Always make sure you are aware of how cohesive your furniture and floors are

People love to hate on wallpaper but if you do it right, it can make a cozy living room even cozier.

Apron curtains can be fun but have you ever tried using floor to ceiling curtains?

Globe lighting is trending and it is gorgeous, but so are other unique lights made of mason jars or fish bowls.

Monochrome palettes can be super attractive. You can add pops of color for that extra pizazz, but it’s truly okay if you only add monochrome colors.