Designs Of How Vaulted Ceilings Top Off Any Room With Style

When you’re searching for a new home, building from scratch or just trying to revamp what you’ve already got, pay attention to the details that you may not think about when determining your decor genre. From top to bottom, every nook can be an important factor in your design. And here are designs of how vaulted ceilings top off any room with style, modern appeal and extra oomph.

The Foyer

Foyer vaulted ceiling

Even with a more rustic appeal, you’ll get a grander entrance with vaulted ceilings on the welcome inside your home. It’s gives the illusion of more space too, which is always a benefit.

The Guest Bedroom

Guest bedroom vaulted ceiling

This guest bedroom has vaulted ceilings, but it also has exposed beams making way for extra exposure into the cottage interior design theme. We love how it caps off the space with so much extra pizazz.

The Dining Room

Vaulted dining area room with chandelier over table

Vaulted ceilings make a great foundation for chandeliers. And in the dining room it only helps to further the grandiosity or formality that you’re shooting for.

The Living Room

Large living room with vaulted ceiling

Bring height and fresh energy to your gathering space with vaulted ceilings that take the lead. Whether you’re going for contemporary or rustic, it works no matter the vision.

The Breakfast Nook

Sunroom vaulted ceiling

If you’re lucky enough to have a space like this, then use it to every advantage. These ceilings really set off your breakfast nook and give it a more cherry and luxurious presence.

The Bathroom

Vaulted bathroom design - walk in shower

Even in the bathroom you can bring in some extra height and light with a vaulted ceiling in the right way. It just gives such a magical feel to an ordinary, sometimes dull, space.

The Home Office

High vaulted ceiling design

Whether it’s more masculine, modern or a home office with a certain amount of glam and girlish charm, vaulted ceilings top off these just right as well. You’ll feel as if you have more room to breathe and become inspired.

The Nursery

Foyer vaulted ceiling

Your baby’s space could use a dose of luxury too. Boy and girl nurseries alike can be spoiled a bit with the grandiose nature of a perfect vaulted ceiling.

The Kitchen

Vaulted Kitchen Layout

Looking up at this space you’ll find exposed ceiling boards with texture that bring in a traditional warmth to the kitchen. And again, the vaulted look brings in and even more spacious and welcoming nature.

The Master Bedroom

Chic vaulted master bedroom with wood beams

Here’s another room that has both vaulted ceilings and exposed beams. We love the pair but can’t help but point out how much more attractive this bedroom is with the extra lift.

The Bonus Room

Valuted ceiling bonus room

Create an even chicer and more modern bonus room when you have vaulted ceiling at play. It really gives the space a bit of extra heigh and airiness.

The Hallways

Traditional house hallway with vaulted ceiling

It gets really fancy when even the hallways have a special ceiling. Just out this bit of luxury and imagine your own home with some.

The Laundry Room

Clean laundry room with vaulted ceiling

Even the laundry room could use the facelift. The smallest of vaulted or sloped ceilings give an extra bout of femininity to a space used just for chores.

The Loft Space

The loft space

You can use those vaulted ceiling to your advantage in larger spaces and create yourself a little loft area. Use it for private time or for your guests to enjoy!{found on tinyhousetalk}.

The Library

Library room with vaulted ceiling

You could use the vaulted ceilings to your advantage in the library too. Just look at the shelling unit you could potentially create and utilize!

The Porch

Vaulted porch design

Yes, you can take the grandiosity outside too. Pack an extra punch when it comes to your outdoor fun by designing a porch of luxury.

The Playroom

Playroom with vaulted ceiling

Infuse some more energy into the kiddos’ playroom by choosing the space with the higher ceilings. Just look at much room it creates them to play and explore.

The Mudroom

White mudroom design with vaulted ceiling

Check out this mudroom complete with exposed beams and a vaulted design. It creates a richer sense while keeping the area very welcoming and family-oriented.