Unique House In Madrid Made Of Three Floating Cylinders

Each house and each home is unique but some put their uniqueness on display more than others. Casa Tobogan is the type of house that pretty much makes you rethink everything you knew about family homes and force your mind outside the box. It’s easy to understand why.

Casa Tobogan architectureView in gallery

Casa Tobogan was a project by Z4Z4 AAA, an architecture studio directed by Rafael Beneytez which lately focuses a lot on weightlessness and everything related to the principle, their goal being to redefine ordinary aspects of life and put an emphasis on details that are often overlooked in traditional architecture.

Casa Tobogan side facadeView in gallery

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The clients wanted their new home to be a representation of their trips around the world and to be connected to a large garden so they can feel immersed in nature. Apart from this desire to live in a garden, the clients also wanted the house to celebrate domestic life.

Casa Tobogan front yardView in gallery

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The structure of this unique house is quite unusual. It’s as if two different houses were built on the same plot. This differentiation comes from the fact that the ground level and the upper floor are very different from one another.

Casa Tobogan entrance areaView in gallery

The ground floor is linked to the soil and shares a strong connection with nature in this sense. The upper floor it connected to the garden and focuses more on the views, being suspended and supported by columns and pillars.

Casa Tobogan back yardView in gallery

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The two volumes are very different in every sense. Their design, materiality, shape and weight are at the opposite poles. The ground floor is sheltered between two long concrete walls and houses two volumes connected by a hallway.

Casa Tobogan stones and stairsView in gallery

A large void separates it from the upper level. The void contains the entrance, car park and two staircases.

Casa Tobogan greenhouseView in gallery

Casa Tobogan ground floorView in gallery

The upper level is a double-height volume. it’s made up of three empty cylinders wrapped in corrugated iron. The three cylinders house a total of nine rooms. This is where the private functions of the house are situated.

Casa Tobogan indoor plantsView in gallery

The bedrooms and their balconies and terraces are protected from the elements and everything else by a delicate shell that gives the house a very lightweight look despite its size and solid structure.

Casa Tobogan spiral staircaseView in gallery

Casa Tobogan upper floor shellView in gallery

Long curtains hide the interior on both the ground and upper floor, creating a cozy and intimate ambiance inside the house. Two gardens, one at the front and one at the back, connect the interior spaces to nature in a sleek and elegant way.

Casa Tobogan upper floor terraceView in gallery

At the back of the house there’s also a swimming pool situated across from a green lawn section and a wooden deck. In between the two gardens there’s a greenhouse area. Trees and plants grow inside the house, piercing the floor and bringing the freshness and beauty of nature indoors.

Casa Tobogan structure