The sustainable Mongolia 2300 house

The Mongolia 2300 is a green residence located in the forest of Nelson, in Canada. It’s a three-bedroom home with a round structure. It was designed by its owners, a couple and their daughter, using Slow Home principles. This way the house was designed to fit the inhabitants’ needs and it’s also environmentally-friendly.

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The construction was a quick process because the clients used prefabricated parts. The wall panels were already insulated and they had doors and windows included when they were installed. Prefabricated homes are not only easier to build and quicker to install but they also have a lower impact on the environment and they are less invasive. The materials are not affected by the rain or snow during the process and everything is clean and easy.

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The foundation started to be built in the fall of 2011. 150 days later the house was complete and the owners moved in. The Mongolia 2300 uses passive heating and it’s the first ENERGY STAR Qualified home in B.C. It has 10’’ thick walls and it features insulated doors and Low E windows. The round shape makes it cozy and inviting. The house was designed to perfectly match the owners’ needs and the result was their dream home. The reason why they wanted a round home was because it makes them feel closer to nature by creating analogies with other round structure that surround us such as the trees, the earth, the moon, etc.{found on inhabitat}.