The Beauty Of Soho House Berlin

If the name Soho House doesn’t  ring you ant bells, let me tell you something about it.  This name is associated with luxury, exclusivity  among  the world richest people.  Originally founded in 1995 as a private member’s club for film and other media  people, now this name means a worldwide chain of restaurants, clubs, boutique hotels and so on. The Soho House Berlin  is hosted in a historic building from the 1920’s located in the Mitte District . If offers wonderful panoramic views , rooftop swimming pool and of course  great rooms.

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Talking about rooms, the interior of this building is decorated by a mixed team of architects that managed to bring  among the bare walls a sense of old Berlin. The main  goal was to bring back the early days of the 1930’s and ‘40’s . This was possible thanks to the fabric tones, unique furniture pieces, deco lighting and  old sanitary ware. They said that the picture inside their minds was of a free standing bath in the bedroom completed with a lady blowing away the bubbles while her one leg is elevated in a most statuesque manner.

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The entire building has that air, of a certain elegancy  that could be found only in that period of time. This bold statement  has been perceived very well  by this incredible city with its incredible vibe, so it’s no  mystery that everyone wants  a taste of it.