Spectacular views from Hrdlicka House

I have never been too pretentious about a place where I can live or spend more days. I have always searched a place which can offer the necessary conditions of living, where I could feel nice and comfortable. The idea is to have some normal living conditions and feel great. Even on vacations I am not trying some luxury places where I could stay. I am interested more in having fun and enjoying the lovely landscape or ambiance. The things I eat, the bed where I sleep or the space I have available are not so important.Those who have the same preferences and like special things can think of Hrdlicka House designed by Durbach Block Jaggers.

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It is a house which is located in Sydney, Australia. It has a special shape but at the same time represents a simplistic construction.There are used curving lines all over the place especially for the walls and stairs. White seems to dominate all the interiors and exterior too and stone seems to be the favored material.The kitchen is designed with contrasting nuances as the white cabinets contrast the black floor. The narrow space of this area and the multitude of cabinets create the impression of compactness which seems the basic idea for this construction.

Hrdlicka house durbach block jaggers

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Hrdlicka House is a place which inspires quietness, freshness, peacefulness and comfort. Its white interiors full of light will create a warm and relaxing ambiance. The beautiful views, the relaxing terraces and patios will make you feel nice and enjoy every moment spent here.{found on archdaily}.