Shaker Rolling Pin

A few years ago I moved into a new home and, of course, when I unpacked and placed everything in a new corner and cabinet or any other storage space, I could not find anything in time. But it was only then that I realized there are zillions of little things you need around the house. And one of them is the rolling pin. That , of course, if you want to bake something every now and then. I know it is a lot easier to dine out, but homemade pies are so tasty!

Shaker rolling pin lgWell, to my surprise, it is very hard to find a rolling pin to buy on the internet (yes, I admit, I do most of my shopping online since I am very busy and seldom go shopping in real stores) and I guess that happens because they are made of wood, most of the times manufactured by local handcraftsmen and sold in local fairs. But I did find this classic Shaker Rolling Pin that can be made of cherry, maple or walnut and bought for the price of $75. Classic and simple, but very useful.