Seattle Penthouse in the Citadel Seattle

If you ever dream of living with the clouds, here is your perfect opportunity to do so courtesy of this high rise penthouse which is listed for sale. The penthouse has been listed for sale by Seattle’s Sotheby’s International Realty Agency in the Citadel Seattle. Such high fidelity living ought to bear a heavy duty cost and this high-rise penthouse is understandably listed at $6.2 million.

Terrace views of Seattle1 582x378

That’s a whopping sum of money demanded but only a penthouse as good as this can offer you the views capable of startling visitors. So much emphasis has been laid on the surrounding scenery that the furniture has been purposely kept neutral to maintain the aura.

View of Seattle skyline 582x378

Stunning Open floor plan 582x378

State of the art Kitchen 582x378

Penthouse panoramic views 582x378

Neutral Bedroom 582x378

The most amazing thing about this place is the views that it has to offer. They are simply incredible, very beautiful and quite amazing. It’s not easy to find a place like this, in a location like this. It’s a very beautiful place indeed. It’s also very nicely decorated. The interior design is very elegant, quite sophisticated. It’s simple and chic. The place looks very welcoming and calm. It’s probably a very comfortable place to live in. I like the décor and the interior design. The colors used are quiet and they help create a warm and peaceful atmosphere. And if add that to the incredible view you get an unique image.