DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

Create a warm and wintery scene on any shelf or table top with these homey rustic felt Christmas trees. They come together so easily and will last far longer than the upcoming holiday! Keep them out all winter to add a bright pop of green to your decor.

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  • Green felt (the stiffer the better)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Sewing scissors
  • Small branch pieces


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1. Fold a piece of felt in half vertically and cut half a Christmas tree shape using your sewing scissors. You can make the tree as big or as small as you desire for your space. If needed, use a template that you can source online for your Christmas tree shape, or just go ahead and free hand it like you did in grade school.

2. Repeat step #1 using your previous Christmas tree as a template. Keep folding and cutting. Cut out at least 3 trees total (up to 5-6). The goal is to have a stack of Christmas trees that are all the same size. For this tree we used 4 total felt pieces.

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3. Once all your pieces are cut, fire up your glue gun. Place one piece flat on your surface and cover only half the tree in hot glue. Place another felt tree on top, adhering two halves of the trees together.

4. Fold back the half of the felt tree that is not glued together and apply more hot glue on the exposed half. Place another felt piece on top of the tree again.

5. Continue steps #3 and #4 until you are done adhering all your pieces (you will need 3 pieces minimum and 6 pieces max).

6. To finish up the tree, place hot glue on each side of the exposed trees and place your last felt piece on top. Let the tree dry fully.

7. Stand your tree up and you can adjust the sides of your tree to make it stand up straight. It will end up with a three dimension look this way!

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8. Lastly, apply hot glue to the bottom of the felt tree seams. Place your felt tree on a branch piece (you can find them at the craft store or in your backyard, this one was painted gold on top!). This will give your lovely felt trees a rustic vibe.

Make a few more trees in different shades of green, different sizes, and with a different amounts of felt pieces (a few with more, a few with less) to give your little felt forest a charming feel!

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