How To Decorate With Mini Christmas Trees – Cute And Practical Ideas

Every year since I can remember my dad would go out on Christmas Eve morning and bring back the biggest and fullest Christmas tree he could find. It took us half a day just to make it fit through the door and decorating it took just as long but it was all fun.

Mini Christmas Trees

As I got older I started to realize that the tree doesn’t have to be huge in order to look beautiful and charming. A mini Christmas tree can be just as charming and more practical and easy to maneuver. I actually love tiny Christmas trees now so today I’m going to share with you some of the ways in which you could turn one into a charming centerpiece for your own home decor.

A closer look at potted Christmas trees

Minimalist Christma Home Decor

One of the advantages of having a mini Christmas tree is that you can keep it on a pot. In fact, it can be an everyday plant that you care for and enjoy and that can you can turn into a festive decoration during Christmas.

There’s a few things you should know about caring for a potted Christmas tree.

Container-grown vs replanted

First of all, it would be good to make the distinction between a container-grown tree which has been grown in the pot and a potted tree which has been dug from a plantation and then replanted.

A tree that has been grown in a container from the start has roots that have developed in the pot. It’s stronger and healthier than a tree which has only been replaced prior to sale.

Caring tips for potted Christmas trees

Living trees are not meant to be kept indoors so avoid bringing your potted Christmas tree inside the house too early. Try to limit the period it stays inside to less than 12 days.

Make sure you give your tree just enough water. If you give it too much it will start to rot and if you give it too little it will start to dry and its leaves will turn brown and fall. The water should be able to drain easily.

Pick the spot where you want to keep your potted Christmas tree carefully. It should be away from the fireplace, radiator or any other source of heat. The heat damages the tree and causes its needles to drop.

Keep an eye on the size of the tree. It should stay fairly small (3-5 feet) otherwise it will get too big for its container. As potted trees grow they need more roots to get the nutrients they require to stay healthy and as more roots grow they take up more and more space in the container not leaving enough room for sufficient soil.

Another option is to remove the tree from its container and either put it in a larger pot or plant it in the garden.

Do Potted Christmas Trees Survive After Replanting?

Chances are that if you’re opting for a mini Christmas tree this year it will be a potted one and you’ll want to keep it even after Christmas, perhaps even replant it in your garden. If you do this, there’s a few things you should know.

Plan ahead and dig a hole for the tree before the ground starts to freeze.

Cover it with mulch and keep it ready for when the time comes to replant the tree in the garden or in your backyard.

Don’t buy the tree too early.

Potted Christmas trees shouldn’t be kept inside the house for more than 7 days, maximum 12. Otherwise, they get used to the warmth or start to become damaged by the heat. That can mean it will have trouble surviving outside once you replant it.

Even after you get your mini Christmas tree you should look after it.

Keep it in a cool place without any sun or wind until you’re ready to decorate it and to make it look all festive. When you bring it inside the house it could be good to spray it with anti-desiccant made for indoor plants. That will help it retain moisture and keep it healthy.

Be sure to water the tree.

You can either place it in a waterproof container and make sure it always has a bit of water on the bottom or place a bit of crushed ice on the soil when you notice it becoming dry.

When decorating the tree pay attention to where you place it and to the decorations you’re using. Keeping the tree close to a fireplace or a radiator is not good because it dries it out. Also, the same goes for string lights so perhaps you could skip them this year or avoid turning them on for long periods of time.

Once Christmas is over, take down the decorations and slowly help the tree adjust to the outside conditions. Keep it in a cool spot for a few days like the garage and then plant it.

How do potted Christmas trees work?

How do potted Christmas trees work?

Potted Christmas trees are an alternative to cut trees as well as to artificial ones. Compared to these other two options, a potted tree lasts longer and is actually better for the environment than a faux tree because they’re renewable and carbon neutral.

One of the advantages you get when you choose a potted Christmas tree is that once holidays are over you don’t have to throw it out. Instead you can keep it as it or plant it outside.

Potted Christmas trees are healthy and give off a beautiful fresh scent which you can’t really replicate. Also, because it stays fresh and healthy it doesn’t present as big a fire hazard as cut or faux trees do.

When you’re getting a potted Christmas tree try to wait until the last minute. Limit the time you’re keeping the tree indoors because all the warmth is bad for its health.

If possible, give it a cool spot near a window and keep it for a few days in the garage or shed before you bring it inside so it acclimates. Do the same when you’re ready to move the tree outside once Christmas is over.

You can keep the tree in the garage all winter and plant it in the spring if you’re worried it won’t survive. Spring is when the tree comes to life, when it starts to grow and to develop again.

Mini Christmas Tree Design Ideas

Put the tree on top of a wooden box

Mini Christmas Trees

A mini Christmas tree is a perfect decoration for an empty room corner. If you place it directly on the floor it wouldn’t really stand out so it would be cool if you had a wooden box or a small table on which to place the tree. The setup shared on shanty-2-chic is perfect in this sense.

Keep it on the side table next to the sofa

Mini Christmas Trees

Because mini Christmas tree are…well, small…you can treat them similarly to how you would treat a vase or some other similarly-sized decoration. For instance, if you have a side table next to your living room sofa that would be a perfect spot for your mini tree. Check out how cute this one from lizmarieblog looks next to the window.

Group up a few mini tree into a table centerpiece

Mini Christmas Trees

These are not just mini Christmas trees, they’re actually tiny, so tiny that three of them can fit inside a box to create a charming table centerpiece. This is actually a great DIY project which you might enjoy making. If you want more details, check out thenorthendloft. You only need a few simple supplies to get it done.

Put a mini Christmas tree in a basket

Mini Christmas Trees

One of the nicest things about mini Christmas trees is that you can keep them in pots, planters or baskets so there’s one more way in which you can make them look charming and special. This way, if the basket is the focal point, the actual tree can remain simple so a few ornaments should be all you need. Check out jacquelynclark for more inspiration.

Add a mini tree to the kitchen to make it festive

Mini Christmas Trees

Another advantage that comes with mini Christmas trees is the fact because they’re so small you can put them pretty much anywhere, not just in the living room. You can bring one to your kitchen to make the room look more festive or put one on your desk. Of course, there’s nothing stopping from having a full-size tree in the living room. If you need inspiration decorating your kitchen, check out some of the ideas from worthingcourt.

Welcome everyone with a mini entryway Christmas tree

Mini Christmas Trees

Use a mini Christmas tree (or several) to decorate your entryway. The trees are small and shouldn’t take much space and you can squeeze them in next to a bench, on a table, a shelf or in a corner. It’s a simple thing but it makes this space feel so much more welcoming. If you want you can also add pinecones, logs and other things to your entryway decor. You can find more great ideas on homeremediesrx.

Display some mini trees outside in buckets and planters

Mini Christmas Trees

Mini Christmas trees can also be displayed outside. You can group up two or three on your porch or on the step that lead to your front door. Since each tree has its own planter/ container you’ll be able to rearrange them with ease. Don’t forget to add Christmas lights to make your mini trees look festive. This lovely idea comes from frenchcountrycottage.

Use tree stumps as stands for the mini trees

Mini Christmas Trees

Let’s say you have several mini Christmas trees and you want to display them all as a group. If they have more or less the same height the composite will look pretty boring but if you use logs or crates or something else as shown on rockyhedgefarm then it’s a whole different story.

Place a small Christmas tree on a table or a desk

Mini Christmas Trees

Decorate your mini Christmas tree as usual with all sorts of colorful ornaments, garlands and string lights. You can make a cute little skirt for it. Here’s a practical idea: if you’re planning on also getting a large tree for your living room, get an extra tall one so you can cut off the top and use it as a mini tree. Check out theyvestownblog for more Christmas-related ideas.

Farmhouse-inspired mini Christmas tree

Mini Christmas Trees

If you’re planning on having more than just one Christmas tree in your home this year, you could have the mini tree match the full-size one like this one from robin-happyathome does. Of course, you could also use the opposite idea: make each tree stand out and look special by decorating them using different color palettes and ornaments.

Set a cute and cozy scene around a mini Christmas tree

Mini Christmas Trees

Although Christmas is super fun and exciting and all of that, it’s also tiresome with all the preparations that have to be made. You can simplify the whole process where possible. For example, a simple mini Christmas tree display like the one featured on themerrythought can look super charming and a lot easier to put together than a traditional, large tree. So give yourself a break this year and let a cute mini tree into your home.

Common Christmas Tree Types

Not all Christmas trees are the same. Some are taller, some are thinner, some have a different color than the others. These are the common types that you usually have to choose from:

Balsam fir

Its needles have a dark green color and sometimes a hint of silver on them which make the Balsam fir popular among those crafting Christmas wreaths and garlands. This tree is also known for its beautiful and strong scent as well as its conical shape and dense branches.

Fraser fir

Just like the Balsam fir, this one has a strong fragrance and a conical shape. Its branches are slightly angled upwards and very strong, making this an excellent tree if you want to hang heavy ornaments.

Douglas fir

A tree known for its iconic pyramid-like shape and dark green leaves with a hint of blue in them. The Douglas fir has a rich scent and is the most popular type of Christmas tree grown in the US.

Noble fir

These trees can grow very tall and have dense branches evenly spaced out along the trunk, making them some of the most beautiful Christmas trees out there. The leaves of the Noble fir are needle-like and curve upward. They’re very strong and excellent for hanging heavy ornaments.

White pine

It’s the largest pine tree in the US and its needle-like leaves grow in bundles. The branches have pointed tips and a light blueish-green hue. Compared to most of the fir trees, the branches of the white pine are not as strong.

Scotch pine

This is an excellent Christmas tree if you like dark green leaves. Its branches are sturdy and can hold lots of ornaments. They also grow in bunches of two. The Scotch pine is able to keep its needles for a longer time compared to other common Christmas trees.

Blue spruce

The blue spruce is native to the Rocky Mountains in the US and is known for its beautiful gray-blue needles. Its branches curve upwards and are strong and the tree itself has a conical shape which makes it one of the best options when it comes to Christmas trees.

Norway spruce

As the name suggests, this tree is native to Europe but it can also be commonly found in the US. You can identify it by its needle-like leaves with a dark green hue and pointed tips. The Norway spruce tends to lose its needles quite quickly and requires more maintenance such as regular watering.

White spruce

It’s also referred to as the Canadian spruce and it can grow quite big and tall. Its leaves are needle-like and sturdy with a beautiful blue-green color. The trees look full and dense.