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Original Christmas Tree Stand Ideas With DIY Charm

The days leading to Christmas are fun and exciting. You go out and find yourself an awesome tree, you bring it home and you’re ready to put it up and, well, that’s when things can potentially go wrong if you don’t have a stand. But where do you even go to find a Christmas tree stand?

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Well, if you want to, you could make one yourself. We’ll show you a few cool ways in which you can get this done and a bunch of ways in which you can make the stand look pretty.

Traditional Heirloom Christmas tree stand

Traditional Heirloom Christmas tree standView in gallery

Instead of crafting the tree stand another option is to buy it. There’s all sorts of different types and models to choose from. If you want something with a traditional or retro look check out the John Wring Heirloom stand. It’s made of cast iron with a rust-resistant finish and it will last you a lifetime.

Krinner Tree Genie XXL

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The Tree Genie XXL is definitely a great stand for big Christmas trees. It can hold trees up to 12 ft high and with a trunk diameter of 7’’. The stand can also hold 2.5 gallons of water which keeps the tree fresh and healthy for longer. The design of the stand is a nice blend of simplicity, beauty and practical features.

An upside down woven basket for a rustic look

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The main role of the Christmas tree stand is to support the tree and to hold it up straight but it doesn’t hurt to also look nice in the process. Of course, you can always add a skirt around the stand to conceal it. A woven basket can work just as well. In fact, it’s a perfect option if you like the rustic look it gives to the tree. Check out livelaughrowe to see what kind of ornaments go well with this type of tree stand and skirt combo.

Painted old tire turned into a cute tree skirt

Wooden crate Christmas tree standView in gallery

With a little bit of creativity you can make your Christmas tree look awesome with all sorts of DIY projects, like the one we found on lollyjane. Check it out to find out how to upcycle an old tire into a stylish Christmas tree base. you can use any old tire as long as it’s in one piece. First you clean it and get rid of all the dirt between the crevices and then you apply two light coats of spray paint. This aqua shade looks nice. The Christmas tree stand should fit snugly inside and you can place a snow cover blanket over it to hide it.

Galvanized steel tub skirt for an industrial vibe

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If you don’t mind adding a little bit of industrial flair to your Christmas tree, you could cover the base with a collar made out of a repurposed galvanized steel tub. All you need is the tub and a jigsaw so you can cut out the bottom. You’ll be left with a collar which you can place around your Christmas tree stand so conceal the base. Pick the tub based on how big or small your Christmas tree is. We got this idea from aehomestylelife.

A repurposed wooden crate in just the right size

Wooden crate Christmas tree standView in gallery

A wooden crate can also be used as a cover for the Christmas tree stand and it actually looks very nice and charming. You can build the crate yourself from scratch and you can find instructions for that on theturquoisehome or you can repurpose an existing crate if you happen to have one in just the right size.

Repurposed planters as Christmas tree stands

Wooden crate Christmas tree standView in gallery

A mini Christmas tree offers even more options when it comes to the actual tree stand. You can repurpose all sorts of things such as planters, vintage bowls, wooden crates, watering canes or even vases. You can fill them with decorations, pebbles and other things so they can be stable and look pretty at the same time. Find more inspiring Christmas tree stand ideas on dreamywhites.

A Christmas tree inside a wooden barrel

A Christmas tree inside a wooden barrelView in gallery

Another cool idea is to use a wood barrel as a Christmas tree stand. It should be big enough to actually hold the tree up straight and to look like it actually fits the tree. If you decide to go with idea which, by the way, was featured on blesserhouse along with several others, you won’t even need a Christmas tree skirt.

Burlap basket inside a metal frame

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Here’s another chic way to make your Christmas tree stand look pretty this year: use a burlap basket. Well, the one featured on unskinnyboppy also has a metal frame which helps it maintain its shape but that’s not a mandatory detail. You can simply put a burlap basket around the tree stand and tie it under the bottom branches to conceal the base.

Plains and simple bucket turned into a Christmas tree container

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Buckets can also be turned into Christmas tree stands. You don’t even have to modify the bucket in any way if you decide to use as a sort of planter and just put the tree base inside, making sure it stands up straight. This works best if you have a small tree. Check out hviturlakkris for more details and ideas.

Upside down bucket as a skirt for the tree

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Another method for turning a bucket into a Christmas tree stand is described on madincrafts. It’s very easy: just flip the bucket over and punch a hole in the middle of its bottom. You can use a hammer and a nail (or a drill). This method is better if you want your mini tree to have more height. You can decorate the bucket stand with ribbon, cover it with fabric or paint it.

A pool noddle bundled up inside a burlap sack

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Remember when we said you could just wrap the base of your Christmas tree in burlap and it would look pretty? Well, that was true and this is the proof. You’re probably curious what’s inside this burlap sack and how come the tree stands up straight. The answer is unexpected: a pool noodle. You just wrap it around the base of the tree, you secure it with ribbon and then you add the burlap. Find more crazy ideas like this one on pinterest.

A bottomless basket wrapped around the tree’s base

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Using a basket to conceal the Christmas tree stand is a lovely and clever idea but what if the stand is bigger than the basket and doesn’t fit inside? You can overcome this problem by cutting off the bottom of the basket and then splitting it on one side so you can wrap it around the stand, leaving a gap behind (assuming your tree will be placed against a wall and nobody will actually see the other side). Check out homestoriesatoz for more clever Christmas decorating tips.

Small wagon turned into a mobile tree stand

Small wagon turned into a mobile tree standView in gallery

One of the coolest Christmas tree stand ideas we found comes from linsueray. The tree featured here is small and was placed inside a wagon which means it can be easily moved around and that it’s perfect for small spaces. You don’t have to rearrange your furniture to make room for the tree because you can just move the tree wherever there’s space. It’s practical and it’s also cute.

Shipping crate as an enclosure for the Christmas tree

Shipping crate as an enclosure for the Christmas treeView in gallery

Another interesting idea comes from burlapanddenim. This time the project required a shipping crate. Since it’s a pretty big crate you can place it around the Christmas tree sort to create a sort of enclosure that keeps out the pets (and the little ones). you can paint the crate if you want to or you can preserve its original appearance for a more authentic look.

Box-like tree stand made from scratch

Box-like tree stand made from scratchView in gallery

Sure, repurposing existing items into original Christmas tree stands and skirts is pretty easy and quite fun but there’s also the option of crafting something entirely from scratch. You could make a wooden tree stand similar to a box but with dimensions that you’ve chosen specifically for your tree. You can find out all the details and requirements on the project on housefulofhandmade.

Christmas tree stands made from practical buckets and planters

Christmas tree stands made from practical buckets and plantersView in gallery

As these examples have shown you, you can easily conceal a rather aesthetic Christmas tree stand inside a bucket, a planter, a box, a galvanized tub, etc and that’s a very practical idea which also allows you to conceal cables. There are obviously many more interesting ideas and details to consider so head over to holidaysblogforu for more inspiring options.