Perfect Retreat House in Portugal by Orgânica Arquitectura

Located in Sintra, Portugal, this small but very beautiful house is the perfect retreat for a couple or single family. It was designed by Orgânica Arquitectura in collaboration with Paulo Serôdio Lopes, Teresa Serôdio Lopes and Marta Belém. The project area is 142 square meters. Even though this place might look like a modern house, in fact it was a renovation of an existing building.

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It wasn’t a renovation as much as a recovery. When the owners bought the place, it was just a ruin waiting for someone to rescue it. The process started with a very complex recovery. The architects working at the project managed to preserve the limit walls. The rest of the house was not that lucky. Also, they managed to create a new exterior space, perfect for relaxation.

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After a short while, a new house started to emerge from the ruins. The interior space had to be reorganized in order to create some harmony and to be able to separate the private from the public spaces. The main floor of the house includes the kitchen, the living room and a small studio. The first floor is nicely separated from the rest of the house and it includes the private areas of the house, which are the two bedrooms. It’s a small but a very cozy and inviting home.