Penthouse with beautiful views by Smith Designs

The 90 Project is actually a penthouse located in British Columbia, Canada. The interior of the penthouse was designed by Smith Designs. The penthouse has indeed a very impressive interior. Before it was purchased by the current owners, the penthouse suite served as a display suite for the condo development. After that, the 3300 square feet property was purchased by a couple who loves to entertain.

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With 3300 square feet of floor space and a very large deck that might very well have the same size, the penthouse is the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s also perfect or both entertainment and relaxation. The team from Smith Designs decided to make the most out of this space. They also wanted to take into consideration the views and they decided to raise the area so called “Kitchen Theatre” in order to allow views of Victoria Harbor and the Olympic Mountains

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The main living area is actually connected to the dining and kitchen areas. It’s a large volume that has large windows throughout thus allowing natural light to penetrate the space while also allowing beautiful views to be admired. The penthouse has granite flooring throughout along with sophisticated finishes and granite countertops, anthracite millworks and stainless steel appliances for the kitchen.

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In the living room there’s also a very beautiful 360º custom gas fireplace with mirror polished stainless steel finish. Installing the fireplace was more difficult that you would think. The gas supply for the fireplace was only available through the ceiling and the engineer had to deal with this major challenge.

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Both bedrooms benefit from beautiful views of the mountains and the sunset and sunrise. They also both have walk-in closets, private baths and very chic and elegant interior decors. The same color palette has been maintained throughout the penthouse.