Niagara Falls Ontario House by Zerafa Architecture Studio

In Niagara Falls Ontario, everyone knows about the famous Zerafa Studio . They have recently built a single family home which they have named as Riverhouse. They have specifically used Western Red Cedar wood for soft fit cladding, wall cladding and decking and they claim that this has inherent flexibility, cost effectiveness and durability. They said they chose Western Red Cedar wood for their varied texture and rich looks.

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This new house of theirs is owned by a young couple from the same area, this people wanted a modern house with a rich potential. They also wanted it so close to the river. The main feature of this house is that this is a 1.85 acre site on the Niagara River banks upstream from the Horseshoe Falls. The width covered by this house is 164 feet. The living space is 4700 square feet and the covered terrace which is well crafted is 1200 square feet.

The house is horizontally split into three rooms. The north and south have 2 rectangular rooms with living space which are filled with glass, granite clad and cedar. This is one of the rich look, comfortable, affordable and all in one house one can ever imagine of.