Murano Venetian Mirror

If you take something old and traditional and give it a new look you can obtain amazing and modern things. For example the Murano glass has been known for centuries as being used only by the most refined and rich aristocrats and the Murano glass still has the reputation of being flawless and valued. So what if you take this glass obtained after centuries -old tradition and make a beautiful but modern mirror? This is the Murano Venetian Mirror from Modani that is now available for all people, at a mouse click distance.

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This mirror is elegant and stylish, beautiful and refined. It has an oval shape that frames your face perfectly and is the perfect example of simplicity and sophistication in the same thing. It has a wooden base that supports the hand-cut crafted glass that reflects every face in a perfect way. You can purchase it now for just $349 and it will give personality and style to your living room.