Modern House In Taipei With A Very Open Layout And An Eye-Catching Ceiling

When we design our homes, we all want them to be unique and to be personalized but we often give up our dreams for comfort. But if you insist a little bit and prove that you have a creative mind, you can make your house look truly unique. This residence, for example, is quite unusual. Located in Taipei, Taiwan, the house was designed and built by H2o+Co2 Design. It has a modern design and it’s filled with personal features.

Taipei modern house10

Taipei modern house

Taipei modern house1

Taipei modern house2

Taipei modern house3

The designers removed as many of the partition walls as possible and tried to reduce them to a minimum in order to make the space layers more transparent and to create a space where users can interact and socialize with ease. The living room, the study, the kitchen, the bar and the dining area form a single open space.

Taipei modern house4

Taipei modern house5

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Taipei modern house8

Taipei modern house9

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Taipei modern house12

Taipei modern house13

Taipei modern house414

The architects also wanted to make the space feel more personal and they took advantage of the fact that the height of the ceiling beam was too low. They used the concept of diamond faces to create a very interesting-looking and eye-catching ceiling design meant to interconnect the spaces even more and to create a cohesive look. Overall, the house has a very open feel which is not easy to get in a busy city.