Modern Furniture That Sets The Tone For Exceptional Design

The world of furniture design is a very vast and complex one. Even if we narrow it down to something specific such as let’s say modern furniture or coffee tables there are still lots and lots of options to browse through. The subject of modern furniture is actually a pretty big one with lots of possible variations and tons of cool designs worth a second look. We love the unexpected and we enjoy finding new and intriguing designs twists and ideas so that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

The Great Tape Coffee Table

Remember the time when mix tapes were the coolest thing ever? Audio tapes were everywhere and everyone used them. Those times are long gone and all we can do today is reminisce about them. The Great Tape is a coffee table that brings back all those memories. It’s displayed here next to an M Pouf which also has a a vintage-inspired design.

Poltrona Check Wire

The boxy structure of the Check chair also has a vintage allure. The design is versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The frame of the chair is made of welded mesh and the armrests have a worn finish. The design is definitely quite rough around the edges but that’s part of its charm.

Poltrona wire grid chair

The same type of rough industrial beauty is also featured by the Grid armchair. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, the chair has an iron frame which resembles a cage and the seat has a gray concrete finish made of wood with an aged look.

Brunel modular sofa

Defined by versatility and flexibility, the Brunel seats are meant to resemble the links of a chain and just like those they can be linked together to form complex structures. They look extraordinary when used in groups but they can also be useful as individual pieces. Mix and match them according to your needs or the type of space you require them for.

Chaplin Chair Design

Meet Chaplin, a beautiful chair with a really playful design. It’s the type of chair that always puts a smile on your face. In addition to looking so cute and cuddly, the chair is also quite versatile and flexible. You can adjust its seat and backrest to ensure the most comfortable seating experience. Also, because the design is so unusual the chair can look stunning in a variety of spaces including reception areas, playrooms and lots of others.

Liberty Gold Arm Chair Design

Vintage and modern accents were combined to create a chair with a lot of character. It’s part of the Liberty series and it has a frame made of tubular steel with a shape inspired by a cage. The chair is meant as a metaphor and the name of the collection offers a hint regarding the concept behind the designs. The shape of the frame is a big exaggerated, this being intentional.

The Throne and Manuela Chairs

The two armchairs displayed here don’t share much in common. In fact, the one on the left steals all the attention even though the one on the right is interesting in its own way. The Manuela chair is a limited edition piece. Only 20 of these are available. It has a wooden frame that forms columns covered in velvet fabric of seven different colors. The other chair is The Throne, a robust and imposing piece inspired by Medieval furniture. It’s a chair designed to make the user feel like royalty.

Baccus sideboard in limited edition

The Bacchus cabinet is also a limited-edition creation with only 20 pieces available worldwide. The inspiration for the cabinet comes from the wooden wine barrels, hence the name that references the Roman god of wine. The frame of the cabinet is made of polished stainless steel with the doors available in matching steel as well as wood.

BUILD Shelving System

If modularity and flexibility is what you’re looking for when it comes to furniture, BUILD offers you exactly that. Sold as individual cells, these modules can be combined and put together to create numerous different configurations and structures. They can be used to create bookshelves, freestanding partition walls or wall-mounted units. As individual modules they can be used as side tables or stools.

The Chomsky Ultra Marine Chair

Chomsky is an armchair which is designed to first of all be as comfortable as possible. Looks are on second place in this although nobody can say that the chair doesn’t look elegant or beautiful. In fact, this is an example of a nice marriage between looks and function. The armchair is appreciated for its robustness and the bold statement it makes.

Fiona Mcdonald Furniture Design

The Rocco console table and the Ruby chair make a beautiful combo, both featuring elegant tapered legs and designs inspired by Italian furniture from the 1960s. The same elegant lines are also displayed by the Milan mirror, an accessory worthy of glamorous modern interiors but also suitable for other styles. An optional glass top is available for the console.

Buckingham tufted double armchair

The Buckingham series includes a few very interesting variations of a classical sofa. available with one, two, three or four seats, the sofa revives a vintage style with elegant and sinuous forms and buttoned backrests. The collection also includes a matching armchair that features the same defining characteristics.

Matilda curved sofa

Matilda is a sofa with attitude. Its design is elegant and has a lot of classical flair. The gentle curves are designed to offer more comfort and to make the sofa more suitable for social spaces. Its dimensions are small so you could easily fit it in a small living room and make the most of its stylish and quirky appearance.

Round velvet new chair

The world is your oyster so make the most of it. The New Chair has an intriguing design which actually seems to resemble a little bit with a seashell. The comparison is inspired by the comfortable tufted back and the rounded seat. This could be the perfect chair for a cozy reading corner and its design is more versatile than you could imagine.

Humpback Sofa

We find the clean lines and geometric shapes of the Humpback sofa to be very refreshing. At the same time, the sofa looks really comfortable and also really versatile and flexible, allowing a variety of seating positions. It has a deep and comfortable seat and a cozy backrest. The cylindrical bolster cushion can be placed as desired. Use it as an armrests or a divider.

Luxor masculine pacific green furniture
Pacific Green chair and ottoman

The inspiration for the Luxor armchair, as the name suggests, comes from Egypt, more exactly from the patterns used on the old artifacts found in this region. These were recreated and transformed in order to suit a comfortable and eye-catching armchair and its matching footstool. The radial pattern that defines the seat and backrest is inspired by the sun. The chair radiates with beauty and is indeed a one-of-a-kind piece guaranteed to make a statement.