5 Leather Chairs That Your Home Needs

Like marble and books and wood floors, some interior decor will always be in style. Leather is definitely one of those classic mediums that will always match in your home, no matter how many times you redecorate. A good leather chair is the perfect piece of leather furniture to add to your home when you want the material but can’t afford a leather sofa. Chairs are much more affordable and they’ll be timeless in your living room, whether your couch is pink or blue or yellow. To get an idea of what glory you’re in for, here are 5 leather chairs that your home needs.

The Leather Armchair

The leather armchair
The leather armchair closer to fireplace
The leather armchair symmetry
Attic room with a leather masculine armchair
The leather armchair Design

Don’t underestimate the basic leather armchair. Adding this piece to your home can satisfy multiple kinds of styles like masculine, industrial, country and even modern. The best part is that you don’t need to buy your leather armchair brand spanking new. If you find one in an antique shop or second hand, you can totally use the bit of wear and tear to your advantage. It will look so inviting sitting next to your couch in the living room. Or use one in the bedroom to create a cozy reading nook.

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The Leather Butterfly Chair

The Leather Butterfly Chair
Living room The Leather Butterfly Chair
The Leather Butterfly Chair And fireplace
The Leather Butterfly Chair decor
The Leather Butterfly Chair with brass legs
The Leather Butterfly Chair Design

There was a time when butterfly chairs were for teenagers only. But then somebody got wise and decided to start making butterfly chair covers in fabrics and materials that were grown up appropriate. Namely, leather. A leather butterfly chair is the perfect chair for a space where things need to move around quickly. It’s light weight make it easy to slide into a corner and the open space underneath makes it easy on the eye. These chairs are a great option for renters and drifters to add some serious style to their space while keeping furniture portable.

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The Leather Woven Chair

The Leather Woven Chair - Wood logs storage
The Leather Woven Chair Low Design
The Leather Woven Chair Classic
The Leather Woven Chair Dining Room
The Leather Woven Chair White design

Talk about mid-century modern, this leather chair has that style down pat. It’s laid back structure and woven leather makes it a great chair for reclining and getting comfortable while you watch your favorite TV show. Or you can use the more upright versions as chairs in the dining room. Either way, you’ll want to use these in a place where you sit for more than a few minutes because once you sit in these, you won’t want to get up. They’ll encourage you to slow down while looking modern and chic in your space.

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The Leather Safari Chair

The Leather Safari Chair
The Leather Safari Chair - camp style
The Leather Safari Chair Living area
The Leather Safari Chair - accents
The Leather Safari Chair - symmetry
The Leather Safari Chair design

Sometimes padded, sometimes more of a sling chair, the leather safari chair is always classy. Beware, these have been on trend for a while so you might have to hunt a bit to find one for yourself. The wooden frame brings a bit of warmth to your space while the leather keeps it simple and timeless. It’s just the light but permanent accent chair your living room has been looking for. And they look even better when you have a pair.

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The Leather Barstool

The Leather Barstool
The Leather Barstool kitchen island
The Leather Barstool - white island
The Leather Barstool Closer
The Leather Barstool Designs

Let’s not forget the kitchen in all this leather chair gloriousness. Happily, they do make a leather barstool that’s just about the most stylish barstool you’ll ever see. They’re simple and beautiful in their design and promise to add a bit of personality to your kitchen. Plus, leather is much easier to clean off than wood so you don’t need to worry about the kid’s spills and splatters. Basically, you’ve just found the perfect barstool you’ve been looking for.

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