Modern Farmyard House in The Netherlands

I think the most challenging task when it comes about architecture is to transform uninhabitable places into real luxurious houses. Sometimes it is harder to renovate than to build from scratch because some places are unfriendly for human living. Let’s take for example a farmyard. It seems the practice beats the theory because the next house is a real masterpiece and a great example to show that some gifted designers can transform any space in a luxurious living one.

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The new house is situated in Oud-Empel,  Netherland and the exterior lines and shape are designed respecting the farmyard thematic. This statement is however a little exaggeration because the house’s façade, with its glass walls has nothing in common with an animal shelter. The building has two parts. The first one it’s an opened view, with glass facades and gathers the living room and the kitchen. The other one is more private and shelters the bedroom and the bathroom.

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The vast interiors give the feeling of opened spaces thanks to the tall ceilings. The house is modern and stylish furniture and designed with the best materials and furnishing items. To preserve also a little of the rustic aspect, the house has some panel walls and large chimneys. The kitchen is equipped with high class modern technology.  That is incredible about this house is how the architects from Hilberink Bosch Architects managed to combine the contemporary aspect with the historical elements which they carefully preserved.{found on archdaily and pics by René de Wit}.