Medusae Pendant Lamps by Roxy Towry-Russell

I love pendant lamps, those lamps that hang from the ceiling and have different shapes, some of them being floral or geometric in shape, but a few having original shapes. The perfect example of original lighting is the Medusae Pendant lamp that was designed by Roxy Towry-Russell. She found her source of inspiration in the Greek Mythology and named the collection after the monster with snakes in her head , monster that was called Medusa.

But this word also refers to the jellyfish in some languages and if you take a look at the pictures you will understand why. All these lamps have the shape of jellyfish and they look beautiful. They are a bit longer than the usual hanging lamps, but they cast a very diffuse light around, making the atmosphere in the house really cosy and romantic.

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All the lamps are very nice and also look very fragile, very similar to the animal they were named after. You can use them in your house, but they are more appropriate for the buildings with high ceilings like a club or a hotel lobby, as they are pretty long and this makes the room look shorter than usual.You can admire all the models and also see different locations that use these lamps on the designer’s official web site.