Log holder for those with modern interiors

This is a first for me and I thing so it is for a lot of you. It’s nice to have a fireplace at your place and from time to time to have a good brandy on a leather chair and hear the fire cracking. It helps you relax and organize your thoughts and priorities.The thing is that wood in its rough state doesn’t look very aesthetic and traditional log holders follow a certain natural line, maintaining a specific rustic look. Don’t get me wrong, that’s marvelous and wonderful but for a house that also follows some traditional line with rustic accents.

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Modern interiors with modern furniture, rugs and floors can’t really accept rough surfaces and items on them; it simply wouldn’t look right. To answer this problem designer Tero Jakky build some new, updated versions of log holders that will fit perfectly in your modern interior. The choice is simple: white or black. Simplicity and common ground with modern trends make this unique piece a perfect accessory for your fireplace.

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The robust design is complemented by a lot of space where to put your small-cut tree logs and a pair of oversized wheels to make transport extremely easy. I used to have a fireplace and I know how unpleasant can be to have to get out in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures and bring some wood to maintain the fire. I could only carry a few logs but no more than I could put at once on the fire, because I didn’t had a place to store them inside. Now you can do so much more with this piece.