20 Cool Design Details That Will Make Your House Unique

Planning a new interior design from scratch is always exciting because then you get to explore all the amazing possibilities and to come up with unique and creative solutions.

Cool Design Details

Wanting to make the space look special is only natural and we know a thing or two about that so today we’ve put together a list of 20 cool design ideas for you to be inspired by.

Inspiring cool interior design ideas

Include a sunken lounge in the living room

Include a sunken lounge in the living roomView in gallery

A sunken lounge is guaranteed to make the living room stand out. It’s a feature that needs to be planned in advance so you need to think carefully about the entire layout of the space and the way everything will be organized.

A sunken lounge is a permanent feature. For inspiration, check out this amazing design created by Reitsma and Associates for a house in Queensland, Australia.

Have a dining table hidden inside the kitchen island

Have a dining table hidden inside the kitchen islandView in gallery

This is another cool design feature, one which you can add to the kitchen. This is a dining table which sits flush inside the kitchen island and can be pulled out and extended when needed while the rest of the time it remains unnoticeable and saves space. It’s a design created by studio buck&simple for an apartment in Sydney.

Make a 3D accent wall with a cool pattern

Make a 3D accent wall with a cool patternView in gallery

An accent wall is another great feature which can make your interior design stand out and look cool. There are many different ways to go about that.

A particularly interesting idea comes from a design which CL3 Architects has created for the Yanlord Clubhouse in Shenzhen, China. The wall is decorated with aluminum panels in different colors which create an abstract pattern inspired by the mountain ranges.

Decorate an accent wall with LED light strips

Decorate an accent wall with LED light stripsView in gallery

Speaking of accent walls, check out this other amazing design idea featured in this suite inside Hotel Kaktus Playa from Spain.

The sculptural backlit accent wall gives the room a very modern and sophisticated look and also has a practical role. The design was done by HI-MACS and can be a great source of inspiration for future home renovations and other such projects.

Hang stone curtains outside your windows

Hang stone curtains outside your windowsView in gallery

If you’re looking for that unique, unconventional way to make your house stand out might we suggest stone curtains? It sounds strange but it’s actually real.

The stone curtains are a cool design feature which studio ELASTICOSPA+3 came up with when they built this concrete house in the historical centre of San Quirino, Italy. They were made by threading small rocks onto rods.

Let the light shine through your staircase

Let the light shine through your staircaseView in gallery

Some of the coolest design ideas are created out of a need for something, whether it’s more storage space, more natural light or something completely different.

In this case, the staircase was designed in such a way that it has a cut out that lets the light from the window flor through while also offering a nice view. There’s also a staircase storage section on one side. This is a design created by Anderson Architecture.

Hide the kitchen or laundry room inside a closet

Hide the kitchen or laundry room inside a closetView in gallery

Another interesting idea is to hide some of the spaces and features in your home just to maintain a clean and airy look when you’re not using them. An example is this apartment in Moscow where Studio Bazidesigned a custom closet-like structure which contains the kitchen and the laundry area, keeping it when out of sight when not needed.

Have a perforated facade that lets light through

Have a perforated facade that lets light throughView in gallery

Some design elements have to be thought through in the early stages of a project. For example, this is a perforated facade which PJV Arquitetura designed for a home in Brazil.

It’s made of weathering steel which gives it a nice patina and contrasts with the rest of the house. The perforations let light filter through, creating a surreal visual effect on the other side.

Take advantage of a big window with a custom seat

Take advantage of a big window with a custom seatView in gallery

A large window offers many advantages, the main one being the panoramic view which can be enjoyed followed by the large amount of natural light which enters the room.

Through certain design features, you can take advantage of the window in other ways as well. For example, check out this window seat and bookcase combo which studio OFFICIAL created for a home in Dallas, Texas.

Use the space underneath the staircase for storage

Use the space underneath the staircase for storageView in gallery

The last design idea on our list is inspired by the Murphy door concept and is not exactly unconventional. The idea is to put the space beneath the staircase to good use by integrating a series of storage modules hidden behind secret closed doors. There’s even room for a bathroom in there. This is a project completed by Minimal Design.

Disguise your desk as a shelf

Disguise your desk as a shelfView in gallery

It’s now more common than ever to work from home in which case you need a space where you can do so. However, putting a desk in the middle of the living room or having one take up space all the time in the house can be an inconvenience.

It would be more practical and much cooler if you could somehow get rid of the desk when you’re not using it or disguise it as something else. That’s just what this shelf is for. It was designed by studio Woodendot and it seamlessly transforms into a desk whenever you need it to.

Get the bed out of the way during the day

Get the bed out of the way during the dayView in gallery

The Cloud Bed is a super cool system designed by studio Ori and which was created mainly for small homes. It’s meant to let you use the same area both as a bedroom as a living room by getting the bed out of way during the day and making space for a sofa, coffee table and whatever else you want to put there.

The bed doesn’t just disappear. It’s lifted up underneath the ceiling and all you see is the stylish underside which looks like a faux ceiling.

A height-adjustable table

A height-adjustable tableView in gallery

It’s really nice to have some flexibility with the furniture in the house so you can use the same thing for multiple purposes.

For example, the Together and Apart table designed by architect Bjarke Ballisager can be adjusted based on the user’s needs. It’s easy and fun to change the height of the table by making use of its unique and interactive design.

Hide a gym inside the living room furniture

Hide a gym inside the living room furnitureView in gallery

Having a home gym is super cool but is also quite the luxury since most homes don’t have the required space for something like this. However, studio 24Storage came up with a super cool solution for this.

They created a series of living room accessories that has hidden workout equipment in it. There’s a vase that’s actually a foam roller, a table lamp that doubles as a dumbbell and a rug that can be used as a workout mat.

A flat for cats disguised as a cabinet

A flat for cats disguised as a cabinetView in gallery

Pet owners usually face this dilemma: wanting to share their home with the pets and creating a comfortable environment for them but wanting the place to look nice as well.

Pet furniture and the accessories that they require don’t really fit in most homes which is why cat psychologist Susanne Hellman Holmström worked with interior designer Eleonor Moschevitz to create The Cat Flat, a beautiful cabinet that inside is a wonderful playground for cats.

Create your own unique 3D-printed furniture

Create your own unique 3D-printed furnitureView in gallery

It’s now possible to create 3D-printed furniture, accessories and accessories for your own and studio Model No. Furniture came up with the cool idea of offering their clients a platform where they can customize and shape each piece in real time and to create unique products that perfectly suit their needs and aesthetics.

A multifunctional unit with moving shelves

A multifunctional unit with moving shelvesView in gallery

Modular furniture always has a cool vibe because of the unexpected element in their design. An example is the Gate series designed by architect Artem Zakharchenko-Halytskyi.

It’s a shelving unit with moving parts. The shelves can fold up and down independently, allowing the user to customize the configuration of the unit based on their needs. Whether you want to use the shelves for display, for storage or a combination of both, you can super easily do it with this system.

A smart bed packed with cool features

A smart bed packed with cool featuresView in gallery

Beds have stayed more or less the same for a very long time until we figured out it was possible to integrate all sorts of extra features in their designs like speakers, chargers and so on.

On that note, architect Fabio Vinella designed the HiBed, a modern four-poster bed with a 4k projector, a 70’’ screen and speaker built into its frame. All of these can be controlled via an app on the user’s smartphone.

A table that doubles as a planter

A table that doubles as a planterView in gallery

As we embrace all the new technological improvements, the urbanization and the constant evolution of our species, we grow more and more estranged from nature. But it’s not all bad because talented creators and designers find inspiration in this and the result is gorgeous items like the BloomingTables.

This is a stylish, modern table with a built-in planter for succulents and cacti. It’s an elegant way to invite nature into your home without neglecting functionality.

Sculptural lighting that looks like jewelry

Sculptural lighting that looks like jewelryView in gallery

Long are the days when the lighting was only functional. Today the main thing we look for in our chandeliers, pendant lamps and other lighting fixtures is the design and the aesthetics in general.

This has inspired a lot of cool and interesting collections like Coco that was created by studio Larose Guyon, It’s a light fixture designed to look like oversized jewelry, namely like a glamorous string of pearls.