Ingenious DIY Shelving from an Old Guitar

All along the years music has enchanted our ears with its charm. Although the type of listened music was rock, pop, blues, dance or folk, entire generations were charmed of the sound of music. As a proof we have our CDs at home or the concerts where we were present each time. Each of us found ourselves in a certain type of music; we feel that a singer or a band can represent us. If we are the fans of a singer or a band we will have posters or magazines with them at home. Sometimes we even adopt the same type of dressing up of our favorite singer or band.

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One of the most used and loved musical instruments is the guitar, even if it is classic or electric. One of the famous singers who played the guitar was Elvis Presley.

If we have a broken guitar we may find a way so that we keep it near us all the time instead of throwing it away. We can have it in front of our eyes all the time as a decoration. We can make of it some ingenious DIY shelves where we can sit our favorite CDs or magazines. Thus we can sit comfortably in an armchair and imagine ourselves that we hear some guitar strains.