Ingenious Ways To Repurpose An Old Guitar Into Something Unique

Music in its many different forms has always been in a way a very important part of our existence as humans. We feel drawn to music each in our own individual way. You don’t have to be a singer or a musician to appreciate this wonderful form of art or to keep it close to your heart.

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That’s why today we’re checking out a few really unique projects. They all share in common a love for old guitars.

15 Ideas to Repurpose an Old Guitar

Simple guitar shelving

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An old acoustic guitar that can no longer be played but that you still want to keep close as a sort of souvenir could be quite easily turned into a shelving unit. You could remove the front panel and the cords and fit a couple of shelves in there. A bit of paint can make it all better in the end.

An old guitar full of Rock & Roll

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There’s something really clever and poetic about this old acoustic guitar transformation. The guitar has been opened up and filled with shelves that hold small rocks and cylindrical pieces of wood that…well…roll. It’s a rock & roll guitar! This was shared by willywoody93 on reddit a while ago.

A unique way to display your favorite plants

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As you’ve already seen, opening up a guitar and turning it into a small shelving piece is pretty easy. The hard part is deciding what to fill those shelves with. A lovely idea shared on refabdiaries is to decorate the shelves with some small planters. Of course, what really makes this particular design magical is all the string lights inside.

A stylish table made from a guitar case

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Chances are that if you have an old guitar it probably came with a case. That too can reveal a lot of clever and ingenious project ideas. For example, this is a unique table with a top that’s in fact an old guitar case. You can find out the details of this marvelous transformation on instructables.

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An electric guitar turned into a ceiling lamp

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Electric guitars can be repurposed too and because they’re more eye-catching compared to acoustic guitars you might want to go with an idea that’s a bit more…electrifying. This ceiling lamp featured on instructables is quite possible the best use for an old electric guitar. What a wonderful statement piece for a room!

Ukulele pineapple décor

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It’s not just regular guitars that can be transformed in all sorts of interesting ways but also other similar instruments like a ukulele for instance. This one was painted yellow and green and made to look like a pineapple. Check it out on lovelyindeed if you find the idea inspiring.

A decorative guitar shelf

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Just because a guitar is broken doesn’t mean it’s completely useless. In fact, it could become a priceless addition to your home décor and also a useful accent piece. We’re talking of course about a guitar shelf which you can use to display some of your collectibles or perhaps to store your guitar picks. Check out this tutorial from tastefullyeclectic to find out how to make a guitar shelf.

A new home for your cacti and succulents

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Isn’t this the most wonderful way of displaying a lovely collection of small succulents and cacti? There’s enough space inside a guitar for multiple planters plus a little area at the bottom for a couple of other decorations. We found this beautiful idea on pionik.

Taken over by nature

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This guitar planter stand is quite similar to the one we mentioned above but this time there was room for 4 shelves inside this old guitar. Sure, the one at the bottom is small but it can still hold a couple of small succulent plants. This design comes from 9gag.

A coat rack that rocks

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As it turns out, a few simple modifications can turn a broken guitar into a really cool and also very useful coat rack. Imagine having something like this in your entryway hall. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing? This tutorial from repurposingjunkie shows you how to do something like this for yourself.

A great way to take advantage of a high ceiling

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Of course, you should also consider the obvious: using guitars as decorations. Even if they’re broken they can still look great up on a wall. If you have several guitars you could make an amazing display. This double-height living room decorated by Besch Design gives you an idea of what could look like.

Let them watch over you at night

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Another great place to display a guitar is the area above a bed. This section of the wall usually remains empty and is a great focal point. A guitar or two would look magnificent up here. Display them at an angle for a more interesting look. This bedroom designed by Stanley Homes can be your source of inspiration.

Add them to a music room

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Before you throw out an old guitar look around for other music-related items that you might have and consider putting them all together to make a wonderful themed room décor. You could have guitars and records displayed on the walls and you could repurpose an old amplifier into an accent table.
This music room by Nikki Klugh Design Group can give you plenty of other ideas too.

A beautiful display for the dining room

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One of the walls in the dining room, assuming there is such a space in your home, could be absolutely perfect for displaying guitars and other cool things on. Not everything has to be music-related. Be creative when putting everything together.

A double focal point for the living room

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For most living rooms, the TV is usually the main focal point. That can sometimes make one feel compelled to keep the TV open just so the room doesn’t feel bland and boring. Adding another point of interest above the TV, like these cool guitars used here by studio D33 Design & Planning take that pressure away.